the best kind of home.

life has been super busy lately.
and busy in such a great way.
doors being opened. doors being closed.
all by the direction of His hand.

you see, let me explain. 
about two weeks ago my lovie and i fell in love with a house.
a great big house with great big promise.
and just a hop, skip, jump away from our parents.
{which is the most great of all}
we loved it so much so that we said, 
hey, let's put our house on the market... just to see what happens.

and what do you know?
the day we put our sweet little bungalow on the market, it sold. 
in four hours flat.
closing date of may third.
yep, you heard me right. 
may third two-thousand-twelve.
that is in nine short days.

the last several days we have been up to our elbows in 
boxes. packing tape. and sharpies.
wrapping with newspaper. labeling by room. and dropping off at storage.

naturally, we thought that this great big house was meant to be ours.
and so we gave it our best run. 
but, it didn't quite work out. 

after a few shed tears. and a few lovie hugs.
i remembered the great promise of our even greater Lord.
the promise that everything has passed through His hands.
and that His home is much greater than any home here.
i can assure you of that.

so as lovie and i are temporarily without a home to call our own,
we find great comfort in knowing that our real home is in the heart of our Lord.
and i am certain that He will never ask for a down payment. 
now that is a sweet deal. 


  1. my favorite entry yet.

  2. Kristen, the same thing happened with our house. We sold it and moved out within 2 weeks! We have yet to find our next dream house, so we have moved in temporarily with the in-laws, but I know God has a plan for us and will guide us toward a new home and new adventure. Good luck to you in your house hunt and move!

  3. Wow, what a whirlwind! Congratulations on the sale of your home, and I look forward to hearing what your next steps will be. :)


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