betty draper style.

if i could go shopping in any one ladies closet,
it would have to be that of jackie o. or grace kelly.
i just adore their timeless. feminine. style.

of course, it is no surprise that i am nuts about betty drapers digs.
as her wardrobe was heavily influenced by jackie & grace.

don't you love it all?
the silhouettes. the collars. the nipped waists. the sashes.
classic style at its greatest.

{images courtesy of vanity fair}


  1. I too became enamored with Betty's costumes while watching 'Mad Men'. So much so decided to research the show's designer, Janie Bryant. By happy accident I stumbled upon a book she published called "The Fashion File". You can find it at Barnes and Noble in hardback still. It's jam packed with fun history flashbacks and her philosophies of fashion. Came away with many vintage wardrobe inspirations for myself. And find they've updated my choices with a one-of-a-kind je ne sais quoi. Definate conversational starters!

    1. oh, that sounds like a great coffee table book. i will def be getting one of my own. thanks for sharing. xoxo.

    2. I think I'll be getting one too! LOVE LOVE the Mad Men look! Thanks for the post Kristen! .... and I pinned two of your pics to my Mad about Mad Men pinboard!


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