celebrating france in a book. or eight.

eight new books have hit the stands.
eight new books that celebrate france & all its glory.
eight new books that every bookie-frenchie girl must read.

you must stroll over to vogue & read this write up on these books.
i am not sure which one i will pick up first.
but you can be certain that i will be reading them all.
paris, my sweet sounds delectably great.
but i am oh so fascinated by the life of jackie o.
so dreaming in french may have to be my number one read.

i am so tickled at the timing of this announcement, 
as i am actually just finishing up entre nous right now,
so i am in need of my next frenchie book.

if you are hoping for even more recommendations of great frenchie books,
i have also recently read lunch in paris.
i loved this because it was a love story that included all
sorts of divine french recipes.
how clever is that?

and it goes without saying parisian chic is a must read
for every girl who is enchanted with the chic styles of french women.

do you have a fave frenchie book?


  1. Hi, Kristen. Am new to your site, so have a lot to share. My list of favorites, and have read many,are:

    Fiction - Bonjour Tristesse and Certain Smile by Francoise Sagan, Le Marriage and Le Divorce by Diane Johnson

    Non-Fiction - Almost French by Sarah Turnbull

    Fashion - French Style, French Chic by Susan Sommers

    Interior Design - The Art of French Country Living and Creating the French Look

    Misc. - Stuff Parisians Like, A Well-Kept Home: household traditions and simple secrets from a French Grandmother

    All great reads and have found them to be the most comprehensive. And thank you for more choice material ideas, the new and ones you've read recently! Magnefique' oxo

    1. c'est si bon. merci. merci. merci. i will have to look into all of those. so grateful you shared. xoxo.

  2. French Essence by Vicki Archer is one of my favs. She has a grand blog called French Essence. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

    1. thank you, peggy. will absolutely check that out. xo.

  3. Anne MacKenzie HendersonApril 24, 2012 at 2:14 PM

    Merci, C'est si bon...stumbled across your blog via anthropologie, and love it. If you haven't read Paris Wife yet, you should add it to your list!

    1. so glad you found me, anne. i have not read that... i will add it to my list of must-reads. xoxo.


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