coconut macarons.

oh, my friends, have i got a treat for you.
i made these delicious little mounds of goodness for Easter.
and let me tell you what...
they are sweet enough to sway even the biggest coconut critic.

with a recipe as simple as this.
and an outcome as decadent as ever.
and a presentation as absolutely pretty as can be.
this is sure to be a regular in my repertoire of sweet treats.

how good do these look?!

aren't they just the sweetest little puffballs ever?!
and they are sweet in every sense of the word.

all you need is.

4  14 ounce bags of sweetened coconut.
2  14 ounce cans of sweetened condensed milk.
1/4 cup sour cream.
2 tablespoons heavy cream.
& 1 tablespoon vanilla.
{i add extra. or you could add a dash of almond extract}

pour three of the bags of coconut into your mixer.
pour in the milk. sour cream. heavy cream. and vanilla.
mix it a bit.
then add the last bag of coconut.
mix until it is all well combined.
using a large ice cream scoop, scoop heaping mounds onto 
a parchment lined baking sheet.
{use the back of a spoon to really compact the mixture in the scoop.
this will ensure that they hold their shape while baking}

bake the treats at 325 for 10-12 minutes.
watch them carefully, as you do not want to burn them.
you will know they are ready when the bottoms turn a caramel brown
and the tops are slightly toasted. 

allow them to cool & enjoy.
or if you really feel like being indulgent, 
drizzle melted chocolate over them.

these coconut macarons are truly sinful.
and a breeze to make. 
you will be over the moon when you bite into its sweet goodness.
a bit toasty on the outside & still chewy on the inside.
please do try these. even if you are a coconut skeptic.
these have converted a number of them in my family.



  1. We have a sweet tooth in this house! Definitely gonna try this recipe. Thank you!

  2. I slipped over here to say hello and now have a scrumptious recipe... no coconut aversion in this home!!
    Also I've enjoyed reading some earlier posts so I must subscribe.


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