mother dearest.

mother's day is just a couple weeks away.
so, i have been racking my brain to come up with the 
most perfect way to honor my mother on her very special day.

while jewels. and shoes. and everything fancy would absolutely delight her,
i am certain that something from the heart would be so much greater.
something that really shows her how much she is
loved. appreciated. valued. respected. needed. admired.

over the last twenty-seven-almost-twenty-eight years,
my mom has been my very dearest friend.
i often get laughed at because i spend so much time with her.
but i just take it as a wonderfully great compliment,
because not very many girls are blessed enough to have a
mom and a best friend all wrapped in one. 

if any of you have ever met my mom,
you know how wonderful she is.

she taught me how to love. how to forgive. and how to apologize.
she taught me about faith. and perseverance. and humility.
she taught me the value of kind words. and a gentle spirit.
she has taught me everything i know.
and, well, she is still teaching me.

just today she taught me a most valuable lesson about marriage.
but i won't mention it on here, because i am still trying to learn it.
my heart has got it. my stubborn personality... not so much.


my mother really is quite swell in every possible way.
she is deserving of all the worlds joy.

so, i have a little mother's day surprise for all of you.
the one-and-only mister john wind has generously offered to spoil
one c'est si bon reader with a sweet little mother's day bauble.
a beautiful charm & bracelet for the dearest mother.

isn't she a beauty?

a sweet note of love that any mother would
be proud to wear any day of the year.
because mothers should be celebrated every single day.

this would be a darling gift for a mother. a mother-in-law.
a new mommy friend. or even for yourself if you are a mommy.
this charm & bracelet are beautiful worn solo,
but would look smashing paired with an armful of jewels.

to enter in this giveaway, follow the following steps.

become a subscriber of c'est si bon.
do this by putting entering your email on the right sidebar.


leave a comment sharing one thing your
mother has taught you. 


the winner will be announced on may 2.
good luck to all of you. 
this is such a sweet little prize.

tell me, how are you going to honor your mother this may thirteenth?


  1. That bracelet would make a great gift for any mom. The winner will be one lucky girl! There's sooo much my mommy taught me... its difficult to pick just one though. She taught me to care about others, and I am so grateful for that!!!

  2. My mother taught me how to trust and be kind.....I will be forever grateful to her for teaching me those things!

  3. done and done... and my mommy taught me that being a mom is the best most absolute best thing ever.

  4. Anne MacKenzie HendersonApril 26, 2012 at 12:13 AM

    my mother taught me how to love and how to listen. and being a mother has taught me inexhaustible patience.

  5. My sweet mom has taught me the value and importance of family. She continually teaches me by example. I strive to emulate her in my own job of motherhood.

  6. Kristen, what a wonderful post! Heartfelt, but with an unexpected dash of humor (and reality!) Love it~ Thank you...our designs never look better than on the C'est si bon blog. And while I am not entering the contest (my mother already has the world's largest collection of John Wind/Maximal Art jewelry, which she proudly wears every day), I am forwarding the blog to her as her Mother's Day card...

  7. Kristen, like you, my mother is my absolute best friend. I couldn't imagine it any other way and it is indeed rare. My eyes are filled with tears as I sit here and think about the countless things that my mother has taught me. How do I pick just one? Since I am a new mommy myself, the most dearest thing she continues to teach me by example is how to love without fear or regret; trust God in ALL things; be compassionate always; and never take a moment for granted. I am so very grateful for her and all that she has taught me and for daily watching my sweet angel while I work.

  8. Done :) My mother taught me grace under pressure and humility...And she continually teaches me new things each and every day-Love this post and your blog!

  9. Kristin BedinghausApril 26, 2012 at 8:15 AM

    My mommy has taught me to treat others as I would like to be treated and to love everyone! Love this post! Xoxo

  10. Wow...where do I begin to even try to describe what my mother has taught me....I love her in so many ways...she is a devoted wife of 53 years to my father and a mother of 4 pretty awesome people. She gives so generously to everyone who knows her and is loved deeply. That is how I want to be. I would have to say that is what she has taught me to love and to love deeply.

  11. My mom has taught me how to forgive, no matter the circumstance.. love this post.

  12. She taught me how to be the best mother I could be by example with love, patience, forgiveness, relationships, teachings, honoring our elders, living thru grief, becoming a strong woman, but being a lady too. Love this post!

  13. My mom taught me how to give selflessly. She is the most giving person and never expects a thing in return. She gives endless love, time, patience, surprises, support and deserves everything in return (even though she doesn't think so).

  14. My mom is a very special person. She is the glue that keeps our family together and she teaches me everyday that our family comes first. I am the mother I am today to 3 beautiful children following her example always. :))

  15. My mom taught me everything I know about raising my daughter and I trust her completely! I mean, look how I turned out after all :) But she is the most giving, selfless person I have ever met. We're celebrating with mom and daughter massages!

  16. My Mom is generosity and encouragement every day!!

  17. After losing my father at a young age, through her example, my mother taught me how to open my heart to love and happiness again. She is a shining example of a woman's graceful strength. I certainly wouldn't be the woman I am today without her guidance and love.

    1. My mom taught me to treat others the way that I wanted to be treated and to always take the higher road! I think I will honor my mother by sending her a nice piece of John Wind jewelry, since she loves all of my pieces!

  18. Another John Wind giveaway? Wow! This would be such a delightful and perfect gift for my mom! She is the most wonderful person in the world, the greatest mother, and has fast become my very best friend. One of the many things she has taught me is to love one another,and therefore be kind to everyone, because we are all children of God. Thank you for the opportunity Kristen!

  19. Although my mother gave me away as a baby I was fortunate enough to create a family that will forever be "MINE". My husbands mother is the most amazing woman I know and I truly am amazed by the love she has given me. A breast cancer survivor, mother of 2, and sister to 5, she never complains or wants for anything. She has taken me and my children in as her own; remember us at every holiday and birthday. I try daily to show the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, she has taught and gives to me/us! What a wonderful token of appreciation for mother's day! Thank you Kristen for your blog and allowing all of us to share our mothers with you!! Happy Days!!

  20. My mother taught me to leave each place better than I found it. She has consistantly lived her life this way and made a huge impact in the world. I am so proud to call her MOM!!!!

  21. I feel so blessed to have been brought into the world by such a caring mother. She has taught me about, patience, love, and how to make a mean loaf of bread. She has always supported those around her and brings out the best in them. This mother's day I am going to go back home and whip up a fabulous dinner for her and give her a huge hug!

  22. My Mom had seven children, and I think the most important thing I learned from her growing up was that no matter what is handed to you, staying strong and positive will get you through it!
    Beautiful bracelet for any Mom!

  23. Love to win this for my dearest Mother. I love Mother's day - there is no soccer and we love taking a family walk with our dog and preparing a lovely meal....for my Mom - I have a special work of art.

  24. One thing my Mother taught me is that you do not have to have money to be tidy. She also taught me to never do anything for my children that they could not do themselves. I think that is so important for raising independent humans.

  25. My mom taught me to that the most important job is being a great mother!

  26. My mother taught me style, grace, manners and how to always be the best I can! As well how to be a strong independent woman!

  27. Kristin WaechterMay 2, 2012 at 8:51 PM

    Of the many lessons my mom has taught me, the greatest has been "It is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved before." My mom is the best mom and G.G. to my kids...we are very blessed to have her in our lives!

  28. My mom taught me a lot but most of all how to be a mom myself! She is so hard working and loving-we couldn't do it without her!

  29. My mother taught me how to be a good role model. She helped me become a better teacher, coach and now mother.


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