loving lemon.

if there is anything in the world that just screams springtime
it is bright. fresh. juicy. lemony. goodness.

one of the reasons i get so excited for spring is that i can incorporate
lemons into anything & everything in my life. 
and that makes me very happy. 

lemon decor. lemon treats. lemon drinks. lemon fashion.
lemon. lemon. lemon. 

a whimsical & romantic lemon wreath
is the perfect accent for springtime.

i adore this simple yet fresh idea of using sliced lemons as vase filler.
how charmingly cute is that?

this may or may not be the prettiest cake i have ever laid eyes on.
plus, who doesn't love a lemon & blueberry layer cake?!
now i just need to learn how to frost a cake that way.

lemony saturated accent pieces liven up a room.
i am dying over this couch. 
it is the perfect hue of lemony yellow.
the silhouettes. the fabric. the pattern. love it all.

an eclectic shelf that is sprinkled with lemons.
such an easy way to add zest to your home.
a bowl of fresh lemons is impossibly simple & inexpensive.

sweet lemon curd can be used to make the cutest mini treats.
if you are not a baker, or have run out of minutes, this is the recipe for you.
buy pre-made pie shells. fill with pre-made lemon curd. top with a blackberry.

lemon sorbet.
i would love to try this someday.
the perfect cleansing treat for a hot & sunny day.

i. love. this.
eight ways to pimp your lemonade.
how stinkin clever is this?

one of the many perks of living in florida is that we have been 
embracing this glorious sunshiney springtime weather for months now.
that being said, 
many of my afternoons have been spent sitting on a blanket in the back yard.
reading a magazine. watching the garden grow. basking in the sun.
and sipping on this little treat.

ice water with fresh mint leaves & lemon slices.
so simple, yet so incredibly refreshing. 
plus, it is just so pretty to look at.

this little drink has become my drink of choice.
i love that i have all the makings right here in my home.
{i mean really, lets be honest. it is only water. mint. lemons}

the mix of the mint & lemon is refreshingly energizing.
and it is a great way to up your h2o intake.

isn't it the prettiest little drink ever?

do tell.
do you have an overwhelming love for springtime lemons?
perhaps a decorating tip? a recipe? a creative idea?

{images courtesy of pinterest.taste of home. real mom kitchen. and unknown}


  1. I love lemon sorbet! Yay for warmer weather and lemonade!

    1. i know, me too. i just love lemon sorbet. i am going to try and make lemon & mint sorbet! xoxo.

  2. I love lemons! I actually made a ton of fresh lemonade this weekend, and also used them for the centerpiece of our Easter table. Check it out here:

    Also these recipes:



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