white sunnies.

we are just days away from breaking out all of our crisp whites.
and i am majorly lusting over a pair of white retro sunnies.

a la bridgette bardot.
i love the glam feel that those babies bring.
especially when they are oversized with great shape.

ever since i saw the way we were,
and babs rocked her white roundies, i have been dying to own a pair.
{i tried to find a picture to show you, but no luck}

but, i did spot these pretties at kate spade.
the graceanne.

aren't the just the cutest?
perfectly white. perfectly big. & perfectly retro.
i think these may be my next treat.

would you wear white sunnies?

1 comment:

  1. Yes I would. White sunnies are perfect for summer,and really make a fashion statement.
    By the way, I received my bunny package. Thank you so much. It's adorable!!!
    Happy Easter to you and yours.


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