my bed time story.

growing up as a brett girl,
i had a father who would tell me a bedtime story every night.
i have realized that even now, as a grown woman, i still need some sort of
nightly bedtime story to doze off to.

in recent years, i have found great comfort in my bedtime movies.

even when i know that i am mere minutes away from blissful sleep,
and my eyelids are heavy as can be,
i just cannot seem to bring myself to go to sleep without a movie on.

and it isn't just any movie.
its a movie that i have seen over & over again.
i believe that the familiar sounds. the music. and the voices bring comfort.
the recognizable noise rocks me to sleep like a little baby.

for the longest time this movie was
father of the bride.
i mean, really. for years i would go to sleep with this movie on.

then i moved on to one of my all-time faves, its complicated.
if you have not seen it.
rent it.
it is amazingly hilarious & hopelessly sweet.

but lately, my movie of choice has been
midnight in paris.
i have been hooked on this flick since i saw it on the big screen.
woody allen mastered the art of quirkiness, per usual.

my lovie always knows when i am getting ready to fall asleep,
because i habitually turn this movie on.

i don't know exactly what it is about this movie that i love.
but it probably has something to do with the stunning soundtrack.
or maybe the fact that the city scenes in paris are simple breathtaking.
or maybe the fashions that are reminiscent of coco chanel.
or maybe even that a small part of me has a big crush on fitzgerald.

whatever it is,
midnight in paris is my current bedtime story.

if you have not yet watched this film,
you really should. 
it is like taking a trip back into the days of picasso & hemingway.
it is weird. and different. and artsy.
but in such a good, good way.

do tell,
do you have a bedtime movie?
or am i the only incredibly habitual girl around?


  1. Cindy Winsor AshmeadApril 10, 2012 at 9:37 PM

    My hubby does. His is the 1st Harry Potter movie. I couldn't tell you how many times I have watched the 1st quarter of that movie, but still today I catch things I haven't seen yet. I wonder when his will change?

    1. aw, cindy. that may be one of the cutest things i have ever heard. love it.

  2. I did this with Sabrina for years! Amelie is also in the rotation as a bedtime movie for its perfect, whimsical score.


    1. oh, i have yet to watch amelie. will have to do that soon! xoxo

    2. Kristen, I couldn't agree more with Lilly, and thought of this one as I read your post. Saw this for the first time about a year ago and have been captivated ever since. Like you I fall asleep to movies as well. Absolutely love 'It's Complicated', 'Under the Tuscan Sun'and the Gwyneth Paltrow version of 'Emma'. Don't watch mainstream TV, don't even pipe in cable, so own many, many movies of my favs. But these above are my main go-tos. Enjoy Amelie!

  3. Stopping in to say hi from PVE.
    I'm still an old fashion gal and like to read before bed. If we had a TV in our room, I might try the bedtime movie. Enjoy! xo

    1. welcome, sweet joyce. so glad to have you come by and visit. i love that you do not have a tv in your bedroom... i might pick up a book more often if that were the case. xoxo.

  4. Hi..
    Popped over from PVE..
    anxious to try the delicious offerings of your giveaway..
    love your beautiful blog..
    had to continue exploring..
    love to read at bedtime..
    so far, can only make it through three or four pages..
    before lights out!
    gone are the days of devouring a book in one sitting..
    warmest hugs..

    1. loui. thank you so much for popping on over to say hello. so glad to hear that you are exploring the blog... please continue to do so.
      i am the same way... i only make it through five or six minutes and then i am out cold. xoxo.


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