inslee by design.

allow me to introduce you to one of my all time fave artists.
the very talented  & incredibly sweet
miss inslee haynes, of inslee by design.

each of her illustrations is such a treat.

it is not often that the world is graced with a lady of 
style, talent, beauty, and kindness.
and this little miss inslee has an abundance of it all. 

having an overwhelming gift of illustration & 
being hopelessly in love with everything fashionable,
inslee has the ability to create a beautiful marriage between 
high end couture & the elegant physique of a wispy lady.  

she is just impossibly talented.
beyond belief. 

i stumbled upon inslee's designs several months ago & immediately fell in love.
not only do her illustrations exude the personality of each lady,
but they are also completely chic in every way possible. 

i emailed inslee & we chatted for a bit.
i was just hoping that we could become great friends...
as she just seems to live a glamorous & exciting life, all the while
maintaining a gracious heart & a gentle kindness. 
but more than just having a new friend,
i wanted to hear her story.
and so i will share with you.

i have had a great passion for art my entire life.
i started drawing before i could even walk. 
i have been head over heels since.

in college, i studied portraiture & figure drawing.
my thesis was a study of ballerinas bodies.

i began my company, inslee by design, as a student.
so, i transitioned into working for myself right out of college.
it was a lot of work. but i wouldn't have it any other way.

when i started the business, 
i really relied on family & friends to spread the word.
they would share my notecards.
and when i got a strong response, 
i built a website.
it was an organic, evolving process.

i was not formally trained in fashion.
i have always loved to shop.
so that helps with the fashion aspect.
i also study my fashionable grandmother & mother.

i have been so proud of all of the collaborations that i have done.
but it has been especially exciting to see my works featured by the likes of 
neiman marcus & kate spade. 
i think it would be a dream come true to work with dvf.
she is such an inspiring woman. 

i love living in new york city,
but who knows where the next five years will take me.
the beauty of my job is that i can do it anywhere in the world.

inslee, i am certain that any designer, in any part of this great big world,
 would love to have the opportunity to collaborate with you. 

don't you just adore all of her illustrations?
inslee sure knows how to capture everyday beauty so perfectly.
what a talented young lady she is. 

definitely swing on over to inslee's site to check out all of her illustrations.
oh, and she also does amazing custom work.
wouldn't you just die for your own customized stationary?!
that is most certainly on my must-have list.

thank you, sweet inslee, for sharing your time with me.
i know that the readers of c'est si bon are thrilled to know you, too.

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