twelve days of wedding

tomorrow marks the twelve day countdown.
we are getting married!!!
and we could not be more excited!!!

my goal for the next twelve days
is to make my little house become
our little home.

my lovie will be moving into my house on sunday, november 20.
and i want to make sure he feels like it is now our home.
a home full of love. warmth. espn. and books.
{two of my lovies faves}

so, i have decided that i will do a wedding version of the twelve days of christmas.
tomorrow is day one of the twelve days of wedding.
each day i will shower him with a gift.
a gift that makes my house our home. 

day one.
three M mugs from anthro.
since he will be living here, he needs multiple coffee mugs.
and it is only fitting that they should display our new name.
M for mr. & mrs. mills

day two. 
a bundle of hangers, 
tied tight with a pretty little bow.
he will be needing hangers to fill up his new closet.

day three. 
a shoe rack to protect his
1,683 pairs of black brooks brothers shoesies.

day four.
mens body wash. mens shampoo. mens shaving cream.
and a fluffy stack of new white towels.
now that we have two of us taking showers, we need double the towels.

day five.
pictures of his family and friends will be added to the gallery wall.
now both of our loved ones will grace the walls of this home.

day six.
labeled boxes to store his extras.
extra razors. extra contact solution. extra men things.

day seven.
a pantry chock full of old fashioned oatmeal.
now that he will be living here,
he will be eating breakfast here every morning.
and plain oatmeal is his fave.

day eight.
a dvr set to record all of his fave shows.

day nine.
house slippers.
not as luxe as mine, as he would not be caught dead wearing faux fur.
but some manly slipplies to wear around the house.
{this may or may not be a little selfish. i simply want him to take his outside shoes off when he gets in the door. so i figure, if he has some comfy slips, he will do so}

day ten.
a subscription to the new york times.
delivered to our new house.
delivered to him.

day eleven.
a newly monogrammed wreath to adorn our front door.
{again, maybe more for me... but i want to show him how proud i am of my new name}

and day twelve.
this is my favorite. it is most certainly a gift for the both of us.
on the morning of the twelfth day, our wedding day, 
he will open a sweet little card.
inside will be a scripture written.
he is to put this little card in his shoe for the wedding.
i will have the same scripture in my shoe.
we will forever be standing on scripture. 

i have not yet selected the scripture yet.
i would like some advice from all of you other wives.

what is your household scripture?
what promise do you and your hubby stand on?


  1. Oh my word this is THE sweetest, cutest, most perfect thing I have ever seen!!

  2. 1 Cornithians 13 - love is patient, love is kind... It is a bit over used for weddings, I know, but the words and the meaning behind them are invaluable in a marriage (at least in my humble opinion) :) xoxo love this idea and so so excited for you!

  3. Joshua 24:15 ". . .As for me and my house we will serve the Lord. . ." I love the twelve days before marriage. :-) I did that a couple years ago for Christmas with my hubby. It was soooo much fun. :-)

  4. Ruth 1:16 Don't urge me to leave you or turn back from you. Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God.

  5. I love this Kristen!!

    Ephesians 5:1-2, 21-33

  6. Not scripture but i love this: "Between a man and his wife nothing ought to rule but love." William Penn

  7. So cute and so unique and special!!!! Love it!!!! You are so happy and seems like you are spreading your happiness and smiles through all your friends and loved ones!!! Congratulations sweetie!!!!


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