the greatest pumpkin treat.

with thanksgiving right around the corner,
and family coming in town to celebrate,
i am on the hunt for the greatest pumpkin treat.

this pumpkin praline pie looks sinful.

and i love a traditional pumpkin pie.

pumpkin cookies would be nice, with extra spice.

and i am always a fan of cupcakes.

this just looks divine.

bite size truffles? yes, please.

pumpkin & gingerbread trifle.

i am up for trying all sorts of new pumpkin recipes next week.
so, let me know what your all-time fave pumpkin treat is,
and if you have an old family recipe pass it along.
those are always the best.

from one pumpkin lover to the next. 

{all photos courtesy of pinterest}


  1. I've got a pumpkin roll recipe that I make every year. It's yummy pumpkin goodness with cream can you go wrong?


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