the epitome of grace

it is my prayer
that on my wedding day
i will exude grace.

a graceful presence. a gracious heart.
simple elegance. effortless refinement.
favor from the Lord.
a divine love bestowed freely
to all family and friends.

this is my prayer.

that every moment will be rich with grace,
given only from our sweet Lord.

so, in addition to prayer & scripture,
i decided that i should seek inspiration from
the grace.
princess grace.

isn't she timelessly beautiful?!

looking calm & collected before the wedding.

with her kelly bag in hand.

classic. regal. sophisticated.

such a tender moment.

i love the idea of having a kneeling bench for a ceremony.
to be on bended knee shows such reverence. 


i simply love her gown. 
the lace. the silhouette.

i hope to be half as graceful as she.
with my very own prince of a man.

{all photos courtesy of pinterest}

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