nothing sweeter.

i am so very blessed.
in so many ways.
but i am beyond blessed 
when it comes to my working environment.
this is a blessing i will never take for granted.

to be surrounded by such loving, generous, and compassionate people.
in a place where we can pray, & worship together.
where we are all working for one common goal.
to shape young minds and hearts,
all the while honoring our good Lord.
how special is that?

i work at a school that embraces hugs.
from people that offer prayers. 
a school where words of encouragement are given out freely.
and your teammates quickly become your second family.
a warm welcome always comes with each early morning.
our school is wonderful.

today i was blessed by my sweet, sweet coworkers. 
they hosted a bridal shower for me.
they took time out of their busy afternoons to celebrate my upcoming wedding.
to share excitement. to give well wishes. to pour happiness into my heart. 
and i am so grateful. 

i am so thankful to know each and every one of you. 
you make coming to work everyday such a great joy.
thank you for such a sweet afternoon.
i certainly was showered with love.

my first grade team leader, gayle
prayed the most loving prayer for my lovie and me.

teachers, administrators, coaches, and librarians 
all expressed their happiness for me.

and my other first grade teammate, susan
even brought gluten free cupcakes for this little bride-to-be.
if thats not a great friend, i don't know what is?!
and not to mention, they were the most lovely 
cupcakes i have ever laid eyes on.

there is nothing sweeter than sharing lavender cupcakes with my sweetest school friends.

{these beauties are from a cake boutique in downtown st. pete. "its icing on the cake." cute name. cute shop.}

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