presto pesto pizza

life sure has been busy these last few weeks.
gearing up for the wedding has consumed all my free minutes.
{but i wouldn't have it any other way}

in busy seasons like this one, when minutes are few
i love having great go-to dinners.
great dinners that i can whip up in a breeze.
and still taste divine.

here is our fave go-to dinner.
yes, i said ours. 
this happens to be one of my lovies faves. 
its healthy. quick. and bursting with flavors.

allow me to introduce our presto pesto pizza.

now, you may certainly use store bought pesto,
but i think fresh-made-from-scratch-pesto is so much better.
i do not even use a recipe. just go by taste.

 two heaping handfuls of fresh basil

a generous sprinkle of parmesan  cheese.
toss in some pine nuts, or walnuts if you prefer.
pour in some good extra virgin olive oil.
season with garlic. salt. and pepper.
chop and grind it till you reach the desired consistency.

doesn't that just look fresh?
the color is just out of this world.

homemade pesto.

i like making my own pesto because i can control exactly what goes in it
{read: control freak}
i choose to only use organic products.
i also use the minimal amount of cheese and nuts needed.
i just think it is so much healthier this way.

whichever pesto you choose,
spread it on your sammi's bakery millet and flax lavash shell.
you can find these shells at rollin' oats.
they are sinfully delish and over the top good for you. 

wash. dry. and slice some tomatoes.
i prefer organic tomatoes. one the vine. 
not sure why.
maybe i think they are prettier?

place the 'maters on the shells.

top with provolone cheese & green olives.

and then pop theses babies in the oven at 415. 
they only need to bake for about 8-10 minutes.
or until they look like this.

the shell is browned and extra crispy.
the cheese is melted.

slice & devour. 

oh, and this is definitely a recipe you can play around with.
feel free to add or take away to your liking.

this go-to dinner never disappoints. 

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