i can almost hear the jingle jangle

the countdown to christmas is always filled with cheer.
the anticipation.
the excitement.
one can’t help but to be very merry.

i love savoring the entire month of december,
celebrating a bit of christmas with each passing day.
and this year is no different.
same merriment. same joy.
but with a new little addition.
our littlest family advent calendar.

instead of gifts,
each day will have either 
a little activity for my lovie and i to do together.
an act of kindness towards someone we love.
or some sweet treats.

december one.
my lovie and i will kick off this christmas month
by snuggling up and watching the original rudolph movie.
we will share a steaming peppermint hot chocolate.

december two.
my lovie and i will bake apple crisp together. 
from scratch. aprons and all.
this should be funny!

december three.
a peppermint mocha latte will be delivered to my grandmothers.
and our very first christmas cards will be sent out.

december four-ten.
 my lovie and i will be on our honeymoon,
advent calendar will be on pause.

december eleven.
a tour of christmas lights.
st. pete & tampa. 

december twelve.
my lovie and i will put up our very first christmas tree.
we will hang our decorations and drink hot cocoa.

december thirteen.
secret santa will be making some special deliveries. 

december fourteen.
my lovie and i will enjoy breakfast in bed.
{for dinner}
and watch miracle on 34 street.

december fifteen.
we will deck the halls of our little gingerbread houses.

december sixteen.
christmas movie night with the brett family.
prancer. mr. magoo's christmas.
a fave annual tradition.

december seventeen.
baking & decorating christmas cookies.
delivering the sweets to loved ones.

december eighteen.
my lovie and i will attend the christmas program at first baptist church.
christmas on gandy.

december nineteen.
read the christmas story together in the bible.
joy to the world!

december twenty.
candlelit dinner by the christmas tree.
listening to michael buble's christmas album.

december twenty one.
i will snuggle up with my lovie 
in some new christmas jammies to watch family man.

december twenty two.
christmas caroling with our dearest friends.

december twenty three.
christmas eve eve date night.
dressed up. champagne. cassis.

december twenty four.
my lovie and i will enjoy christmas eve morning 
in hyde park. 
strolling together.

december twenty five.
christmas is here! 
spending the day with our loved ones.

i can hardly wait for december first to get here. 
i love, love, love looking forward to each day 
and enjoying the merriment it brings. 

join us in this month of celebration,
and let me know what other advent ideas you may have!!!

what family traditions do you have for the christmas season?!
what activities do you love the most?!


  1. I love reading your blog...Here's our tradition that perhaps you will start when you have children...our christmas tree has a photo ornament of our family, and then another one of my son (Jeremy) for every year. It is the family photo and individual photo that we use on our holiday card. He is now 10 so there are already over 20 on our tree in addition to other ornaments...

    Also, every year we put together a holiday CD of our favorite christmas tunes into a compilation...last year's theme was 'Christmas With the Keysers' (dancing with the stars theme) we've had Brady Bunch, Star Wars, there are several volumes now...we make multiple copies and share with friends throughout the holidays...I will add you as a friend (I am your Mom's friend) on FB so you can see some pics...you have a lovely family...

  2. Dear Kristen...growing up Jewish I remember how thrilled I was one year when your Mom invited me to her home on Christmas Eve. It was my first Christmas! I remember helping decorate the tree (Christmas didn't start in November back then), attended an evening church service and I even got the almond in the rice pudding (which I suspect was planted)! My suggestion...find someone who doesn't celebrate Christmas, share a small part of the celebration and give them the experience they will always remember. Debbie Goldsmith Harvey (we met one day on the streets of NYC)
    Ps. Enjoy your blog and congrats on your marriage!

  3. You know I love reading your blog! Hubby and I have a tradition of going to EPCOT and going to the Candlelight Processional. Its an amazing concert of traditional Christmas music with a celebrity reading the Christmas story from Luke 2!! Another Christmas tradition that we can do year-round is when we visit someplace new (vacation spots) we buy an ornament. If they don't have ornaments, we buy something that we can hang ribbon from to make an ornament. We also buy a White House ornament every year. They are beautiful and from the White House Historical Society. Your December list has been an inspiration to spread the Christmas cheer to others. I LOVE your blog!!!


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