last christmas eve
i scored a pair of bed slippers in our family gift exchange.

this may seem insignificant to some,
but to others, those of you that long for coziness,
i am sure you can appreciate the great worth of slippers.

these were not just any ordinary slippers.
restoration hardware cashmere lined slippers.
go ahead and swoon.

i wore these little slippers to death.
i wore them through the winter, spring, and summer.
i wore them lounging. i wore them cleaning. i wore them everyday.
by summers end they were worn with love.
and they had to be pitched.

i have been counting down the days, literally,
till i could get my next pair of slippers.
my lovie said santa would bring them to me.
but i just couldn't wait. 

today was the day.
i went to restoration hardware to replace my old faithful slipplies.
i couldn't find the exact slippers i had before,
{however, i know they are available online}
but it brought much joy to my heart to see armoires chock full of
a much upgraded slipper.

let me introduce you to my new fave slipplie.

faux fur. inside & out. 
plush perfection.

and here is the slipper kicker,
they were on sale. 
i bought two pairs.
one for me. one for mom.
{she shares the same adoration of slippers}

the moment i got home this evening, i took a shower,
put on my coziest jammie pants, a warm waffle shirt, and my new slipplies.

... poured a piping hot cup of tea ...

and have crawled into bed with a good book.
{i am starting lunch in paris}

hope you are enjoying the warmth that a fall evening brings.

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