my husband

if you saw the last post,
you now know why i just adore my lovie.

i was sitting rather impatiently in the bridal suite.
we had one short hour before the ceremony was to begin.
and my lovie texted me & said to check my blog.
that he had a surprise for me.

i read his love letter aloud to all that where in the room,
and we all swooned together over my romantic lovie.

that was the absolute sweetest wedding gift ever.
i love you, my lovie hubby.
thank you for making my life so wonderful.

that being said, i wanted to give you all a little sneak peak
of our perfect wedding night. 
it was simply stunning. 

there were candles galore. 

floating around us. 

a glowing room, full of warmth and love.

a table bursting with gold and light.

and perfect bow napkins.

we drank from gold rimmed stemware.

and basked in the glow of the shimmering light.

we spent time in prayer.

and enjoyed all the company of those around us.

our night was extraordinary, to say the least.
i can hardly wait to share my joy with you.

but for now,
i have a loving husband & a cozy bed waiting for me.

there is nothing quite like this feeling i have.
and i am eternally grateful.

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  1. I am so happy for you! I can't wait to see pictures, pictures and more pictures. It looks like your wedding was so beautiful and you looked like you overflowed with grace! Congrats, Mrs. Mills.


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