treasure hunts

every once in awhile
i like to go on little treasure hunts. 
i like to scour stores to find great little surprises
for great little dollars. 

goodwill is where x marks the spot. 

it is certainly hit or miss,
but i surely get lucky every so often.
would you believe me if i told you 50 percent of my home 
is furnished a la good will?
it is true.

a trained eye.
some sand paper.
a paint brush.
a gallon of your fave hue
some extra time on your hands.
and you've got your self a little treasure. 
along with a great sense of 

{my lovie always says that. i think it sounds so intelligent}
so, yes, historically, 
i would shop the good wills looking for furniture to refurbish.
but i have crossed the line, friends.
who knew good will had such a selection of crystal?!

look at this beauty.

oh, wait. it gets better.
look at all these beauties.

this was such a great find.
11 authentic. vintage. champagne glasses.
with gold trim.
i die.

here is the kicker. 
all 11 cost a grand total of
twenty two dollars.
like i said. i die.

they are perfect paired with my gold treasures from pier one.
{thanks to carrie and shannon for my great bowls}

aren't they just stunning?
they are so my kinda thing.

these could certainly be used for sipping champagne.
but i see myself using them to serve dessert.
i was dying to use them, 
so i decided i would surprise my lovie when he got home from work.
{i totally endorse skipping dinner & going straight to dessert}

a pretty treat.
in a pretty glass.
on a pretty plate.
for my handsome lovie. 

i am so thrilled with these little treasures. 
i can hardly wait to host a dinner party with all my pretty goldies.

oh, and remember these little butter dishes?

these were the treasures i found at silverqueen.
on sale for essentially nothing.
perfectly small. 
perfectly elegant.
perfectly perfect for all my new gold goodies.

anyone up for a treasure hunt?!

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  1. ALL the time! Chelsea taught me best back in college!!!!!!


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