outrageous hot cocoa.

hot chocolate lovers watch out.
your world is about to be rocked . . .
this hot cocoa recipe is simply outrageous. 

the last few days around here have been grey & drizzly.
the kind of days that make you want to stay inside & cozy up on the couch.
& obviously. sip on something that warms both your hands & heart.
piping hot cocoa is the perfect treat for just that. 

forget box mix cocoa. 
go for the real deal. the decadent. the indulgent.
it is worth the little bit of extra work required.

simply choose the fine chocolate that you fancy.
& give it a good chop or two or three. until you have small slivers.
{we especially love ghiradelli chocolate bars}
remember. the smaller the slivers. the quicker they melt. 
the quicker they melt. the quicker you get to drink up.
so. get to it. chip chop.

in a small saucepan.
heat two cups of {organic 2 percent} milk. 
just until bubbles start to show around the rim.

when you see bubbles.
pour in 1/2 cup of chocolate pieces.
feel free to add more or less depending on how rich you like it.
wisk the chocolate & milk together till the chocolate is completely melted.

using a ladle. fill your mugs with the hot chocolate.
add a handful of mini-marshmallows to the top.
place the mug into the oven with the broiler on low.

you will want to watch this carefully . . .
these marshmallows toast up rather quickly.
& nobody likes burnt marshmallows. 

leave the mugs in the oven just long enough for the marshmallows 
to get extra gooey & lightly brown on the tops. 

after you take your mugs out of the oven
drizzle a bit of chocolate sauce on top.
& then enjoy.

there is nothing quite like an outrageous cup of hot cocoa.
the perfect night cap treat for these wintery nights. 

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