eat your heart out.

i am already excited for valentine's day. is that silly. or what?!
i do not particularly like going out on valentine's day . . .
that feels too forced. too much of a show.
instead. i rather like the idea of valentine's day.
the idea of celebrating love. taking time to share love.
and soaking in everything pink & hearts & warm & fuzzy.
i do happen to really enjoy that.

i think that there should be some unspoken. unwavering. unbending rules for the big day.
rules like: you must snuggle the whole night through. 
you must give more kisses than you can count. 
and you must totally eat your heart out.
i mean. really. how impossibly perfect would that be?!

so. ladies. here is to eating your heart out this valentine's day season.
darling little heart shaped rice krispie treats.
a valentine's day sweet treat. indeed. 

how pretty are these? i just adore them.
so girly. so sweet. so delicious.

i simply used the original rice krispie treat recipe.
literally off the back of the box. 

i used a heart shaped cookie cutter to imprint the heart.
{my cookie cutter was not deep enough to cut the whole way through}
then i used a sharp knife to actually hand cut out the hearts.

then i melted a bowl of white chocolate.
added some vegetable coloring {beets are great if you are hoping for pink hues}
gave it a great big stir & got ready to spread.

using the back of a spoon . . .
i spread a layer of melted chocolate on half the heart.
sprinkled a few pink pearl candies. & voila. 
you have a pretty little valentine's day treat.

in my little world . . . packaging is everything.
it can honestly make it or break it.
i simply adore pretty packaging & displays.

i had fun putting this little treat together.
using assorted pink crinkle paper added a touch of whimsy.
& i just love everything about these treat boxes.
the scallops. the polka dots. the pink.
oh my. be still my heart. 

isn't that just too cute for words?
it makes the perfect little treat to drop off to pals.

these are the perfect way to follow one of my valentine's day rules.
so go ahead. eat your pretty little heart out! 

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