pink cupcakes.

i adore really pretty baked goods.
and even more so when they are pretty & pink.

you can imagine how my heart went aflutter 
when i stumbled upon these darling little cupcake liners.
{homegoods always has the cutest things}

adorable. right?!
those stripes. those scallops. just precious.

i love how these babies look like little ice cream cones.
the frosting ended up perfectly imperfect.

i'll let you in on a little secret . . . 
the icing was a piece of cake to do.
i used a gallon size ziploc and cut a whole in the bottom corner.
scooped all my frosting into the ziploc & got to work.
slowly squeezing out the frosting through the little hole.
i did tiers that gradually got smaller & smaller.
it was so simple to create that ice cream look. 

i simply can't wait to deliver these pretty little valentine inspired treats.
i just know that my girlfriends will adore those cupcake liners as much as i do.


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