first smooch.

i have a secret. promise not to tell?
i just didn't want to brag. or make anyone jealous.
but i just simply can't hold it in any longer . . .

i had my first kiss.
a big juicy smoocher.
slobbery. drooly. kissy. kiss.
& i loved it.

i'll make this short & sweet.
a few weeks ago. we spent a lovely afternoon together.
but he just kept giving me this look . . .
you know the look i am talking about.

he was exceptionally smiley that afternoon.

& he kept leaning in to get really close.
he even put his hand on my cheek!

the little flirt got all too thrilled.
he was practically giddy with excitement.

oh. he was ready alright. 
getting those little baby lips are ready.

& when he just couldn't take it any longer . . . 

he went right on in for that great big kiss on the lips.

and i have to admit . . .
it has been my very favorite first kiss to date.

not quite sure what has gotten into this little mister.
but he is a kissing fool. 
an open mouth kisser to the max.
& i'll take a slobbery wet one any day from this little babe!

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