a simple party.

my lovie's birthday is just a few days after christmas.
so it always feels like his birthday gets overlooked.
we are all tired from the bustle of the holiday 
& really just ready to kick back and relax.

even while he insists that he does not want a celebration . . .
i think it is important to have a little party in his honor
to let him know how much we love him & how truly wonderful he is.

so we did just that.
we had a little birthday party for the big birthday boy.
it was simple. it was casual. it was perfect.

i am here to show you just how easily a simple party can be pulled together.
in very few minutes. with minimal planning. after a very busy holiday.

i started off by brainstorming.
this party was for a boy. a 35+ year old boy at that.
he is pretty laid back. not big on the frills.
so i wanted to keep that in mind.
i wanted it to be organic & not too feminine.
so i decided on a table of greens. whites. & natural woods.

hearty artichokes. potted herbs. distressed wood. & simple white flowers
would make for a perfect birthday table for my lovie.

i always have a set of mason jars handy for casual get togethers.
they are perfect for holding utensils & serving as glasses.

color coordinating napkins are a little detail that go a long way.
start a little stash of paper napkins so you always have an assortment.
when you see some you like on sale. grab them right then.
you will use them someday in the future.

baby's breath are the perfect flower for a casual party.
they are simple. clean. & not too frilly.

potted herbs & ivy are some of my fave things to decorate with.
they are just so earthy. such great color saturation. & smell divine.

an ice cold tub of ol' fashioned root beer is always a crowd pleaser.

these faux paper plates are one of my greatest investments.
they are so stinkin cute. so durable. & dishwasher safe.
the perfect plates for a casual celebration.

i literally just tossed a few artichokes here & there.
they provide rich color. add dimension. & fill empty spaces.

our menu was made just for my lovie.
being from a north carolinian family . . .
they love barbeque.
i added special touches that my lovie would appreciate.
a few of his favorite things to make it really special.

lovie's birthday party was a huge hit
& he was a happy. happy. happy. man with a full tummy.

hope this gave you a few ideas on how to throw together a simple party.
it really is quite a cinch to do. and fun too!


  1. Love. Where did you find the faux paper plates??

  2. So adorable and full of love. Yes, love those faux paper plates! Catching up on my blogging.


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