hats off to girls wearing hats.

i love the look of a fabulous. chic. hat.
it is just so edgy. so fashion forward. so impossibly cool.

but it has to be just right. or it can be a major fail.
i am totally inspired by these hat styles . . .
& wish i were brave enough to don one this winter.

if i ever decide that i am confident enough to strut in a hat . . .
it would be just like one of these.

this entire outfit is off. the. charts. cool.
especially that hat. i love the wide angled brim.
and those pants. love them. 
i just bought a similar  cropped version from vince.
can't wait to style them in an all black ensemble.

oh. the floppy hat.
i have always adored the floppy hat.
it just screams elegant & ladylike.
i am really loving the combo here . . .
distressed. meets polished. says hello to sexy. 

simple. clean. perfect hat accessorizing.
again. i just love the wider brim on this hat. 
its a bit larger than a typical fedora . . . 
{i am not a big fedora fan. so this is a great twist}

i also adore how she has the hat propped back on the crown of her head.
that just exudes european chic. less trendy. more fashionable.

love the simplicity of this hat. as well.
again. the wider brim. the bow detail. perfect.
this has a downtown feel to it. & i like that.

tell me.
are you brave enough to don a hat?
if so . . . what is your fave style to wear?

{all images courtesy of pinterest}

1 comment:

  1. I have big floppy hats for the pool but absolutely want one of these chic black ones. So pretty!!!


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