meet me at the barre.

well. it is new years eve.
tomorrow will be a new year.
while i am certain nothing can top 2013 . . .
{have you seen my baby?!}
i am looking forward to a great 2014.

every year around this time people start chatting about 
their grand new years resolutions.
i resolve to stick to my diet.
i resolve to start running every day.
i resolve to do this & do that.
these are all novel goals. but the problem is that in actuality  
very few people actually stick to their resolutions.
my lovie. mister disciplined. is one of the very few people i know who actually
accomplishes his new years resolution. 
goodness. i love that man.

that being said.
i decided to start my new years resolution a few weeks early. 
without declaration. without announcement. 
because hey. a girl has to protect herself.
i can only say 
i am giving up diet coke.
or. i am going to take up crossfit.
so many times without following through.

but. i have big news.
i have totally followed through on this one.
i resolved to attend pure barre three times a week.
& i have succeeded!
for two whole weeks!
i deserve a cookie!
no. really. i really want a cookie. 

i can honestly say. i am really enjoying pure barre.
as we all know. i am not a work out kinda gal.
a fast mom walk is my ideal form of exercise. 
but this. i am digging this.

i may or may not flex my arm muscles for my lovie every night.
and he promises me that he can see a difference.
i am choosing to believe him.
ok. in all seriousness. 
i can start to see a teeny-tiny-itty-bitty difference after just 6 classes.
it is really quite encouraging. 

so . . .
to really kick off the new year in an exciting way . . .
i have a fantastic pure barre giveaway for one lucky reader.
a three class giftcard to pure barre is up for grabs!
that is a 60 dollar value.
if you have not heard about pure barre yet. 
check it out here.
it is a great total body workout.

to enter in the giveaway. complete the following.
1. share this post on your facebook page.
2. share this post on two other friends facebook pages.
3. leave a comment on this post stating why you deserve this.
{if you are not already my friend on facebook. friend me. kristen brett mills}

winner will be announced on sunday. january 5.
good luck. get ready to lift. tone. & burn.


  1. Thanks Kristen for the opportunity/chance to win.
    I would love to win this as I am due with our first child in April and would love to get into shape before and after the baby.

  2. Thank you for creating this, Kristen! I have wanted to give Pur Barre a go and to enhance my running.

  3. Yay! So excited to know this is for any barre! Thanks Kristen! I want to get in shape for the new year! what a perfect start!
    Chloe Lambe

  4. Would love to win this to get in shape for my brother in law's wedding - pure barre was the sole reason I looked amazing for my own wedding:)

  5. Would love to win this to pass on to my mom who has been dying to give Pure Barre in St. Pete a shot since feeling like her regular gym routine isn't cutting it anymore!!

  6. I would love to add barre to my workout routine this month! I've done it before and it would be really cool to introduce some of my friends to it as well so that we can all stay motivated with our fitness oriented new year's resolutions :)

  7. I just really want to try it! It's been on my workout bucket list for a while now. :) Plus it will help me look nice and will help me with my running!

  8. Pure Barre is such a great way to enhance your workout! I would love to continue to add this great class to my routine! Thank you!


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