ruffle collars.

i am coveting this tibi top.
there are hardly words to express how stunning it is.

the silk & organza. the ruffle neckline. the silhouette.
this is elegance to the tenth power.
chic top perfection. without a doubt.

i especially love the black version. 
being a girl who frequently dons monochromatic black outfits . . .
this ensemble would be a staple in my daily wears. 

now. in my book. being overdressed is always a fantastic problem to run into.
i truly believe that you can rarely be too overdressed. 
i would wear this little get-up for the simple everydays.
out to lunch. shopping. coffee with girlfriends. 
{except i would trade those heels for some black ballet flats}
simple. classic. elegant. chic. 

i also love the white version.
this combo feels more cocktail party-esque.
a fab new years eve outfit. 

do tell.
would you don a high standing ruffle collar?!

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