bookworm baby.

there are so many things i adore about my lovie.
but one of his most adorable qualities is his undying love for the written word.
i am proud to say that i am married to a quintessential bibliophile.
he is a complete & utter non-fiction nut. book worm. nose in a book. of a lovie.
with a penchant for diction & a love for his collection of books . . .
my lovie is the cutest little scholar there ever was.

i am hoping & wishing. with all my fingers crossed.
that baby patrick will inherit this love for reading from his daddy.
and to be quite honest. i think there is a strong possibility that will just be.
my little babe already loves looking at books. turning the pages. 
& chewing on the stories. 
{literally. he chews on them}

you can only imagine how thrilled i was to stumble upon 
this most darling. most magical. little baby book company.
meet babylit
a fashionable & delightful way to introduce your baby to classic literature.
inspired by the likes of bronte. carroll. austen. & shakespeare.

these whimsical chipboard books are just perfect for a bookworm baby in the making.
the colors are saturated. the illustrations are captivating. & the history is fantastic.

not to mention the fact that each book is also a primer for a specific area of development.
within the collection you will find primers for colors. numbers. sounds. & the like.
but you will also find more fun primers like fashion & camping.
how brilliant is that?!

check out a sample of the pride & prejudice counting primer.

so impossibly darling. right?!
these are a few of our all-time faves . . .

definitely check out the babylit shop to peruse the entire collection.
. . . plus lots of other adorable things. too
oh. how i love my bookworm baby.

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  1. Kris- I have given these as gifts and they are the best. Pride and Prejudice is my favorite so far. Can't wait to see, however, how Anna Karenina ends. " comes a choo-choo!" Love Moby Dick but the ending of "harpoons" followed by "whale" makes me think that these are as much for the amusement of the parents as for the baby.


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