think to pray.

isn't it so like us to forget to pray?
especially when life gets busy. 
it is as if prayer somehow slides down to the bottom of the never-ending to-do list.
and by the time you make it to that last line on the list. you are too tired to actually do it.

i sure know that this is true with my everyday life.
life. is. busy.
and it is busy with all of the greatest things.

setting up a new first grade classroom.
decorating. organizing. & up to my ears in polka dots.
moving into our forever house on saturday.
doing yard work. fixing things. cleaning. packing. moving.
junior league meetings. church meetings. & community meetings.
dates with friends. dates with lovie. nail salon dates.
time with parents. time with in-laws. time with brothers.
all wonderfully sweet blessings.
all things that keep a girl busy.

and at the end of a long. busy. productive. happy day.
i crawl into bed. blog in bed. snuggle in bed. & fall asleep in bed. 
just to wake up & do it all again.

but then i remember. did i think to pray?

our days can be so full with productivity. so abundant with loving relationships.
and so complete with doing purposeful & honoring deeds.
that all of our minutes go by without thinking to stop & pray.

i know that i am guilty of it. 
days can go by & then it hits me like a ton of bricks.
i didn't think to pray today. or yesterday. 
and if i am being honest. maybe even the day before that.

so i have been making a big effort to say some even bigger amens.
everyday. at the start of my day. during my day. at the end of my day.
all the day long.
a constant conversation with my God. 
& let me tell you how helpful it is to be in communion with the Lord 
through all the little ups & downs each day may bring.
it provides amazing strength. amazing peace. & most amazing grace.

but remembering to stop & pray does not come easy to me. 
I get entirely too wrapped up in the busy-bee days.
thankfully. i am not alone in this little struggle.
& i have two very faithful friends who gave me two wonderful tips.

change your email. your facebook. your blogger. your pinterest.
all your log-in passwords to be a reminder of prayer.

we all log on to these websites multiple times a day.
and so now. when i go to log on. i must physically type in my prayer request.
which then leads me to stop & pray at that very moment.
pray for my lovie. pray for peace. pray for my parents.
pray for self-control. pray for strength. pray for wisdom.
the beauty of this is that you can personalize this so greatly to your needs at this time.
& you can just as easily change it when your prayer changes. 
be it next month. next week. or the very next hour.

set an alarm on your phone.
one in the morning. one in the afternoon.
a simple alarm to prompt you to send up some arrow prayers.

a simple & practical way to remind yourself to pray.
the alarm goes off & you can push pause on life to dedicate a few minutes to prayer.

i have found these tips to be so greatly helpful for me. 
i am so grateful for these practical reminders. as life does get busy.
and sometimes we need the most simple day-to-day applications to help us.

i am so thankful to know that we serve a most gracious Lord.
so even on those days when i do forget. He loves me so.

do your days get so busy that you sometimes forget to pray?
what practical ways do you use to remind yourself to pray?

{image courtesy of etsy. persimmon&pink}


  1. Beautifully put. I often 'think' the same thing!

    :) Michelle from Tampa!

    1. i am SO glad i am not alone in this. thank you for sharing, sweet michelle. xoxo.


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