a timeless style.

i am feeling so overly flattered.
in recent weeks. several ladies have been asking me. emailing me. messaging me.
 about my personal sense of style.
how do i define my style? where do i shop? what are my key pieces?
so i thought i would share some tips on here.

i don't consider myself a style maven by any means. 
fashion is simply something i fancy.
and there have been plenty of seasons where i wish i had a 
completely different style than what comes most natural to me.

i tend to be dressier more often than not. 
glammed up to boot. & a bit sophisticated at times.
nine times out of ten. i wear the same clothes my mother would wear.
hear this now. she has phenomenal style. all i mean is that i dress older than i am.
i have spent many days wishing i was more 
bombshell & less classic. 
sexier & less refined.
more of a trendy dresser & less of a classical dresser.

nevertheless. my style is what works for me. 
and i am so tickled that you readers love my style. too.

if i had to define my style in three words: classic. timeless. polished.
i always strive to be styled with elegance. 
in a graceful manner that is both feminine & sophisticated.
i buy classic silhouettes. & timeless colors.
i tend to primarily wear solid colors. & colors that i know will last forever.
black is a big time staple in my closet. it may or may not be my fave color to wear.
summer. spring. fall. winter.
black is my basic.

when shopping for a season. i pick my color scheme & stick with it.
for example. this summer my colors were black. white. & khaki.
every piece of clothing i bought fell into this color scheme.
making it so easy to always pull together a great looking outfit.
i then let my handbags. my jewels. & my sunnies be the statements.

i have finally decided that this fall my color scheme will be black. red. & tan.
these colors all look great together. separate. one without the other. etc.
this will make it so simple to create great outfits by mixing all of my black. red. & tan.
buying skinnies & tops in all of these colors will create the base of my wardrobe.
& then the fun part begins... 
finding the handbags. scarves. shoes. jewelries that will complete the look.

some of my fave must-have accessories are from the one-and-only kate spade.

like her large swiss dot tights.
and instant outfit upgrade. 
transforms a simple black pencil skirt & blouse to a darling outfit.

and this impossibly adorable bow belt.
takes black skinnies & a tan button down to a whole new level.

a monochromatic outfit gets a punch of style
with the modern art inspired scarf.

and how terrificly great are these tan & black dotties?
any simply outfit with be overflowing with style when paired with these.

another show stopper shoe.
a pop of style & edge to amp up a basic look.

thankfully black. red. & tan. accessories are sprinkled all over the stores these days.
so finding my perfect little pieces will be quite fun & very simple.

and i encourage you to do the same thing.
rather than spending all your pretty pennies on a super trendy top.
or a wear-only-one-time dress. or super memorable pants.
start with a simple & interchangeable basic wardrobe...
then let your accessories do the talking.

and remember. buying timeless pieces with classic silhouettes will ensure that
you look polished & styled with every passing season. 

tell me. what is your style?
are you a classic girl? or are you an edgy trendsetter girl?

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