ashley brooke designs.

every girlie girl loves a great papery.
and yours truly is surely no exception.

in recent days.
we have shared a deep penchant for chic stationery
we have swooned over exquisite thank you notes.
& we have lusted over the most lovely of all invitations..
it is so perfectly clear to see that 
i. adore. paper. goods.

most simply put. it just boils down to the glorious truth that...
every c'est si bon girl loves spending free moments jotting hand written notes.
relishing in the pure joy that comes from beautiful penmanship on beautiful paper.
savoring the moment of sealing the envelope. picking a stamp. & dropping it in the mail.
knowing that in a few short days. someone will be overjoyed to find that
they have a personalized letter waiting just for them.
to friend. with love. 

so i have just the best news. hear me now. sweet friends.
i have found the most darling of all personalized stationery designers.

the lovely. adorable. and terrificly talented.
little miss ashley brooke. of ashley brooke designs.

oh. and did i mention she is so stinkin beautiful. too?! 

you see. 
i stumbled upon ashley's designs months ago. 
& it was love at first sight.
her simplistic & sweet style instantly stole my heart.
every since then i have been terribly coveting a set of her darling customized cards. 

following her blog had me smitten with her designs.
but following her facebook left me admiring her sweet disposition.

a woman who loves the Lord. & spends time in His words.
a woman who is a loving wife. & a sweet mama to her pups.
a woman who knows how to live life with the utmost grace & kindness.
i knew we just had to be friends.

so. i emailed her with my most unnecessary necessity of wanting to be pals. 
and i would like to think we are now blogger friends forever.

ashley was so generous to take a moment & allow me to interview her.
and so here i am tonight. to share with you. the girl behind 
ashley brooke designs. 

i am married (almost 3 years!) to the most adorable man.
 he is most definitely my better half. 
plus… his name is pretty awesome, it’s Manolo… like the shoe!? 
so how could a girl resist?! 
plus we have two adorable little pups that complete our family, sam and lucy!

if I am being completely honest 
ashley brooke designs came about through a series of unfortunate events. 
when i graduated i had a fantastic job at a fancy interior design firm.
my dream job. 
as we all know, the economy and market took a turn for the worst, 
meaning the last hired (me) was laid off. 
for weeks i literally knocked on interior design firm doors.
 all dressed up handing out my resume left and right. 
no one was hiring, everyone was in pure panic mode. 

so i did what any newly college graduate does with out a job, 
i moved home! 

luckily for me, my parents have a beautiful photography studio 
where they desperately needed a re-touch artist (or so they said!).
 i, of course, took the job! 
my dad taught me a little bit every day about photoshop, 
since they hired a retouch artist who had never used photoshop before, 
he had a big task a head of him. 
photoshop and I clicked, there was something about it that I just loved, 
and I became quite a good little retouch artist. but, we all knew, including me that this was just until I figured things out. 

my parents encouraged me to experiment with my art, 
using photoshop and their large printers. my dad constantly said 
“just play around, see what happens” 
so that’s what i did. 

and of course my birthday rolled around and i needed some stationery to write thank you notes. i sketched out a few fun illustrations, scanned them in to my work computer, my dad showed me how to crop everything and print! 
voila! homemade stationery.

 from that day on, i had a new vision, a new passion, and definitely, a new obsession.

the success of ashley brooke designs is certainly a collaboration of
a lot of hard work, a great support team, many long nights, 
and a few wonderful bloggers who took a chance on me. 
i will forever be grateful to erin from blue-eyed bride and 
nina from according to nina for giving me my first big chance to shine!

since then things have just taken off.
i get my inspiration from fashion, typography, layout design, textiles….. 
the list could go on and on!!

 and if i could collaborate with one designer,
it would most surely be
kate spade!

my faith means everything to me. just everything.
right now my fave scripture is 1 John 4:18. 
"there is no fear in love. but perfect love drives out fear."
but it’s subject to change ;)
i have been loving the devotionals on my Bible App lately! 
at the moment I am doing the Promises for Your Everyday Life. 
i really try to live out my faith in my everyday business life.
and i try to do this by the way i treat people.

finally, i have so many dreams and goals. 
the business has come leaps and bounds from the first year, 
and the funny thing is that it’s not at all what I thought it was going to look like. 

well. sweet. sweet ashley.
i think it your darling little brand has turned out to be such a hit.
& isn't it always amazing when things turn out so much grander than we
ever could have imagined them to be?!
the Lord's providence far surpasses even our greatest hopes & dreams. 

so. my friends. 
if you are ever looking for some sweet paper goods. 
or are wishing to treat yourself to some customized cards.
be sure to swing by ashley brooke designs to see her pretties. 
here are a few of my all-time fave picks. 

i think i need this little pretty.
a customized change of address card is surely a necessity. 

how impossibly sweet are these baby shower invites?
i just adore that polka-dottie dress.

lovely from the desk of notecards.
perfect for a friendly note to say well, hello.

tell me friends.
which ashley brooke design is your fave?! 
take a sneak peak & let me know.
{i am certain they will inspire you to jot a few handwritten notes}

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