27 lessons learned.

this birthday weekend has been so full of joy.
and as i bid farewell to twenty-seven & say hello to twenty-eight.
i reflect on the many lessons i have learned during my twenty-seventh year.
it has been a year of love. a year of growth. & a year of tremendous faith.

this year i have learned. and re-learned. that...

1. being married is even more fun that i had ever imagined.
2. but saying goodbye to my old last name was hard.
3. a very best friend is one that you can share everything with. good. bad. ugly.
4. and great friends really do make the world go round.
5. God never. ever. wants us to be afraid.
6. and in the darkest moments. we have never been more secure in His grip.
7. it hard to start sharing the power of making decisions with your partner.
8. but there is great reward in submission.
9. my dad is still my biggest hero.
10. but my husband is absolutely my number one man.
11. i still miss patrick. and on any given day it can bring me to tears.
12. and i couldn't love my two little brothers any more than i do.
13. God really does work everything- even the baddest of the bad- out for good.
14. and He really is full of grace.
15. i am overly critical of myself.
16. and i don't realize some of my greatest attributes.
17. i really am stronger than i ever thought i was.
18. my mother is still always right.
19. and she usually will take my husbands side.
20. God's plan is sovereign. even when it doesn't seem like it.
21. eating frozen yogurt every night is not a smart choice anymore.
22. the power of forgiveness is huge. forgiving others. forgiving yourself.
23. finding the good in every person is truly a treasure hunt. finders keepers.
24. i am not exempt from any form of temptation. big or small.
25. men truly do have more dirty laundry than women.
26. my husband always works to make me happy. i mean always.
27. the recipe for the worlds best chocolate cake.

looking forward to all the lessons. blessings. joys. & experiences that 28 brings.


  1. Happy Birthday! Hope 28 is a wonderful year!

  2. What an awesome way to look back on all that has occurred... #5 really resonated with me!

    xoxo, Emily


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