bonjour, garance dore.

i have always felt as if the lovely kate spade & i were long lost best. best. best. friends.
but now i am quite certain. as kate is simply reading my mind 
when it comes to our absolutely fave things. people. style. looks. fonts. etc.

ms. spade could not have made me any happier. any more excited. any more thrilled.
than to have announced her latest muse. say bonjour to ms. garance dore.

i am so tickled i could literally dance in circles about my little bedroom.
something about this darling french girl. that lovely little garance. simply thrills me.
photographer. illustrator. blogger. traveler. style icon.
she has all the makings to be one of my very fave ladies. 

and i happen to think we would be great friends. 
strolling through this swell life arm-in-arm. 
chitter-chatting about anything & everything lovely in life.
great friends with a penchant for font. frenchie. & fashion.
so. how about it garance?! friends forever?!

lovelies. please take a sneak peak of the latest & greatest kate spade pieces.
a la garance dore.

it is as if kate spade knew exactly what i was hoping for from this collection.
darling silhouettes. peter pan collars. polka dots. garance dore cocktail party illustrations.
eiffel towers. french horns. bows. black & white. tweeds. and the like.
this girls perfection.

has there ever been a more darling little dress?
the neckline detail is just lovely.
& this hue of yellow is the perfect for a transitional fall piece.

ah! there are hardly words for this adorable dress.
sweet. sassy. perfection.

mod chic tweed jacket. 
you belong with me.
love. love. loving this look.

fashion illustrations a la garance.
absolutely adorable.

oh you know. just some of garance's most-amazing penmanship.
black & white with a popping peter pan collar.
come. to. mama. 

must. have.
a c'est si bon girls everyday top.

joie de vivre!
such an exultation of great spirit.
pairing this comfy sweater with black skinnies & ballet flats.
everyday street chic.

darling font handbag.
so sweet with a perfect little patent leather bow.

this ipad portfolio needs to be mine.
i love this throw back composition book.
how stinkin cute?!

a garance dore lipstick pouch?
don't mind if i do.

these. have. my. name. alllllll over them.
impossibly wonderful for a well-heeled lady.

and the frenchie-loving charm bracelet.
love this with all my heart.

can't you just totally see why my heart is a'flutter?!
this new collection is just so terribly lovely in every little way.
i can hardly wait to get my hands on all of these pretties.

oh, joie de vivre! c'est si bon!

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  1. All of these are adorable!! Not so fond of the smoking ladies in the one print, but the rest is great.


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