when life gives you lemons.

 . . . jet off to capri & drink lemoncello. 

my lips are puckering just looking at all these lemony prints a la kate spade.
how fresh. and breezy. and just wonderful is this collection?!

i would love to be bold enough to wear a scarf around my head.
a pretty little nod to jackie o. 

the sweetest canopy striped top. 

oh. my. goodness. 
if this were to be mine . . . 
i would find an excuse to wear it everyday.

ladylike to the tenth power. 

of all the outfits. this has my name all over it.
the shoes. the pants. the top. the sunnies. 
come to mama. 

sweetly chic. 
just love it all. 

will you don lovely lemons this spring?
or will you just stick to drinking your lemonade?

1 comment:

  1. Girl you can definitely pull off the Jackie O look, just do it!! :)


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