it's not you. it's me.

today is the day. 
i am ending a relationship of nine years.
a relationship that has brought great joy. 
but has also brought a heaping amount of not so pleasant things.

yes. facebook. i am talking about you.
i am breaking up with you. 

just know. 
it's not you. it's me. 
i know. i know. that is so cliche.
but it is so true. 

you are great. and so very popular.
you are entertaining. you are always there for me.
you never leave my side. you always let me say what i want to say.
you make me laugh. you have a ton of emotions. 
but . . . .
it is time that we part ways. 
for good. 

au revoir. facebook.


i have had several people ask me why i am getting off facebook.
& so i am here to share with you why i made this decision.

you see. 
for me. facebook brings more bad than good. 
dramatic i know. but hear me out. 
i have three very good reasons. 

reason number one.
i waste entirely too much time reading the news feed. 
whenever i have a free minute at home. i check it.
when stopped at a red light. i check it.
when laying in bed at night. i check it. 
when i am with other people. i check it. 
this compulsive checking of facebook is driving me nuts. 
it is like i am looking for something. but what am i really looking for?!

i am spending too much time watching what other people are doing.
that i am missing out on precious moments in my little life. 
moments that could be filled with wonderful things.
cooking. baking. reading. praying. organizing. bike riding. walking.

simply put. 
i do not want one more minute of my life wasted reading facebook. 
i want to live life. love people. & be completely present in every moment.

reason number two.
being on facebook sometimes makes me sad.
i feel that it is easy to get hurt feelings when i am on facebook.
i may just be overly sensitive. but if i were a betting girl. i would bet you can relate.

the news feed is filled with pictures of people having tremendous amounts of fun. 
going to parties. hanging with tons of friends. traveling with other couples. 
living the perfect life. loving the perfect spouse. being the perfect mother.

and if i am being honest. 
i feel lonely sometimes when i see that. 
i feel inadequate because it prompts comparison . . .
which we all know is the thief of joy. 

instead of relishing in the utter joy of my life. my marriage. my friendships. 
i sometimes find myself feeling discontent when reading facebook.

instead of allowing this cycle to continue. 
i would rather not read Facebook.
i would rather thrive in my happy. wonderful life. 
it may not be facebook perfect like everyone elses seems to be . . .
but it will certainly be filled with love beyond measure. 

reason number three. 
for me. facebook is such an unnatural way to socialize. 
it takes away all of the genuine communication. making it too easy to stay in touch.
it takes away all of the vulnerability of an honest & open friendship. 
it glorifies the happy times & sweeps the realness of life under the rug. 
creating socialization that is just all wrong. 
socialization that goes against the very heart of what it should be. 
maybe i am too traditional. too old fashioned.
but i am going to stick to socializing the way we did before facebook came along. 
that just feels natural to me. 

so. there you have it. 
that is why i believe breaking up with facebook is the best answer for me. 
i am sure i will miss being in the know of where everyone is checking in . . .
but i highly doubt it. 

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  1. AMEN TO THIS!!! Proud of you for breaking up with facebook! I feel exactly the same way about it. I hate how often I check it and that I allow it to make me feel bad about my good life. Facebook and I take breaks and we did break up 3 years ago and then we go back together. For now, I'm going to keep taking breaks until I'm ready to break up again :) Congrats!!

  2. See I've never really had this issue because I never check the news feed! I star people that I'm close to that I want to see their updates as "close friends" and then anytime they post I get a notification. So now I just check notifications and never the newsfeed, it's worked out really well. But I'm sure this will be great to do, definitely always good to cut out things that are keeping you from what's important. :)

  3. I used to be the same way until I limited my "Facebook time" to 10 minutes a day...I have so much more time for important things, because I'm not wasting hours on the internet, as silly as it seems! You will be so much happier not checking that newsfeed all day, I don't miss it! :)

  4. Love this! I really like that you said you could be filling your time with more productive activities like baking, reading or praying!!

  5. Good for you. I shut down my FB account a long time ago. Blogging is so much better. Take Care of your cute little boy. Best to you. ~Kathleen


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