bakers box of recipes. fudgie fudge.

there are few things quite as indulgent as good ol' fashioned fudge. 
its sweet. its chewy. it is just so deliciously evil. 

now . . . i have had my fair share of fudge over the years.
but none quite compare to this very special recipe.
my sweet-as-fudge-mother-in-law was so gracious to share 
her fave recipe for homemade fudge.

adapted from mamie eisenhower's million dollar fudge recipe
my brenda. added a few special things of her own.
a few things worth way more than a million dollars of anything.
a dash of compassion. a sprinkle of kindness. & a heaping scoop of love.
{because she has more than enough of those to share with us all}

& that my friends makes this particular batch of fudge
the one & only b.i.l.l.i.o.n. dollar fudge

*bakers tip*
you may want to start baking this with a full tummy.
or you will surely want to eat this by the spoonful.

you will need . . .
four and a half cups of sugar
a pinch of salt
two tablespoons of butter
one twelve ounce can evaporated milk
two cups coarsely chopped pecans
one pint marshmallow cream
twelve ounces of semisweet chocolate
& twelve ounces of german's sweet chocolate

bring the sugar. salt. butter. & milk. to a boil.
boil for six minutes.
place the pecans. marshmallow. & chocolate in a separate bowl.
then pour the boiling syrup into that bowl. 
wisking away until the chocolate is completely melted.
grease a jellyroll pan & then pour the fudge in.
allow the fudge to cool completely before cutting & serving.

i hate to be braggadocios . . . 
but this recipe is number 473 of all the reasons 
why my is hands down the best in all the land. 

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