hippity hoppity.

it is time for the easter bunny to start collecting 
treasures to fill little easter baskets for little ones near & far!

growing up. i always loved easter morning. 
my easter bunny would hide our baskets somewhere downstairs.
leaving a trail of powdered sugar bunny prints as clues. 
i thought it was the most magical thing. 
how wonderfully sweet is that?!

and then the pure joy of opening my easter basket.
finding one treasure after another. 
sweets. and treats. & goodies. all sorts.
chocolate bunnies. sugar eggs. & jellybeans.
oh. i. just. love. it. 

i can hardly wait for the easter bunny to visit baby patrick!

so all you bunnies. 
when you are out there collecting treasures for baskets.
don't forget to pick up some mini-bunny scripture books.
the perfect way to remember the true meaning of the easter holiday. 

how stinkin cute is this mini bunny book?!
i just love the little embellishment & the little cottontail.
absolutely precious. 

each mini bunny book is filled with scriptures 
to remind the reader of all the blessings the Lord has given them.
a very special thing to remind ourselves of during easter time.

He is risen!

i am offering monochromatic mini bunny books.
choose from green. pink. or blue.
perfect for boys & girls. 

so sweet. right?!

these also make great little gifts for friends during the easter season.
so these are not just exclusive for little ones easter baskets.
they are great for neighbors. coworkers. bible study groups. and the like. 

i especially love this style of mini bunny book.
i think the jumbo polka dots and just the cutest.

so playful. so whimsical. so sweet.

the last design for the mini books is this one.
total flower power during this spring season. 

all of the mini books are written in this style . . .
i am so blessed by God. 
so when you are reading the scriptures. they personally apply to you.

help me to remember that all scripture is God-breathed.

i just love these mini books.
they are so cute. so powerful. and just so special. 

each book is 3 x 4 inches. 
so they are the perfect size to toss in an easter basket. 
keep in your car. or throw in your purse. 
17 dollars a pop.
buy five or more & receive one free!

hippity hop on over to the etsy shop to order yours today.
as we only have a very limited quantity of the bunnies & flowers. 

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