a sacred spring.

springtime is here.
i just love this season.
the world is bursting with new life.

just as the baby springtime plants start new life.
every morning. we too. get to start anew again . . . 
with new mercies.
& praise the Lord for that.

what better way to start off this sacred springtime season
than with springtime inspired scripture books. 
starting this new season planting yourself on the soil that is rich in promises.
the soil rich in truths. soil rich in the reminders of new mercies.

i know i say this a lot. 
but i am really loving the newest scripture book designs.
they may or may not be my fave thus far.
take a peak.

isn't this sweet little birds nest so lovely?!

 i adore. adore. adore. this green checked paper.
especially paired with the natural burlap & the twigs. 
so perfectly spring!

i think this all neutral style is equally as beautiful.
the elegance is in the simplicity. 

do you love the birds nest & baby bird eggs as much as i do?!

this design is the epitome of springtime.
soft pinks & greens with a big flower bloom.

i love how the jeweled flower adds a pop of glitz to an otherwise softly muted book.

and words cannot express how much i love that ribbon.
if i could. i would use it on every book. 
it is just so beautiful. 

i get a lot of questions for explanations on what is inside these books.
so i wanted to give you a brief little run down on just that.

each book has sixteen personalized scriptures in them.
when i say personalized that means a name is inserted into the verse.
for example . . .
God so loved Patrick that he gave His only son.
the personalization makes this book impossibly powerful.

i offer several different themes for books. 
each theme includes a collection of preselected scriptures
specifically revolving around that theme.
i currently offer the following themes.
love. wedding. anniversary. engagement. 
encouragement. sorrow. life lessons.
birthday. friendship. baby boy. baby girl.
baptism. graduation. mothers day. fathers day.

i have also created holiday themed books
for christmas & easter.
these books tell the story of the respective holiday
using chronological scriptures. 
here are a few sneak peaks of the easter scriptures . . .

this style book is wonderful to read with your family through the holiday season. 
a very sweet way to remember the meaning behind each sacred holiday. 

any cover book can go with any theme book. 
plus the embellishments are interchangeable. 
i want this to be the perfect book for you!

so. in a nut shell. 
if you would like to order a scripture book . . .
here are the steps you follow. 

1. pick the cover that you like.
2. pick the embellishment that you like.
3. pick the theme that you would like.
4. select the name that you would like used in the scriptures.
& then leave the rest up to me. 

the turn around time is typically 3-5 days plus shipping.
however. i have had several rush orders that needed to be completed by the following day.
and i am always happy to try my best to make that happen for you. 

you can always order from my shop on etsy
or you may email me at 

hope you find my books are wonderful as i do.
they truly are such a sweet gift. 

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  1. There is so much beauty around us covered by a blanket of white snow, waiting patiently to blossom. Your scripture books are lovely. I think I need to gift one to myself.


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