a quiet monday.

what a whirlwind of a wonderful week.
between family in town. birthday parties. lunch dates. & easter . . . 
our life has been busy. busy. busy. this past week.

naturally. i have totally embraced this quiet & restful monday.
sleepy snuggles in bed. lullabies on repeat all day.
dinner simmering on the stovetop. & a long nap for the babe. 
there is nothing more peaceful.

i love when the house is especially quiet like this.
it is one of my favorite things in all the world.
my babe quietly playing on the floor.
nothing to be heard but babbles. soft music. & creaking wood floors.

i may or may not stay holed up in this quiet house for the entire day.
but with this precious baby all to myself . . . can you really blame me?

grateful for a quiet house. on a quiet monday.
just my baby & me. 

1 comment:

  1. Your baby son looks like you - beautiful. Happy Easter Monday.


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