an organic easter.

i always love decorating for springtime & easter.
everything is just so fresh. so green. so full of life. 
this year i have gone with a very natural look. an organic easter. if you will. 
sweet vignettes that boast fresh carrots. vines of ivy. & a color palette of neutrals. 

take a peak at some simple {and inexpensive} ways to bring spring into your home. 

how beautiful are these long stem carrots? 
i just love. love. love. them.
i grabbed a few bunches at our local fresh market 
& used them in several different ways. 

i adore the simplicity of a bowl of fresh carrots. 
simply peel the carrots to bring out the bright orange.
then plop them in a tall bowl or vase with water. 
the long greens will cascade off to the side beautifully. 
i tied a big. bright. bow around the top for an extra punch of color. 

this is so simple & so perfect for the easter season.

i also used the carrots as vase fillers with big bunches of hydrangeas.
the carrots surround the stems. bringing a fantastic pop of color.

again. i let the greens cascade off to the sides creating a whimsical look.
it reminds me of a wonderfully overgrown garden just bursting with new life.

it is so impossibly simple to use these carrots for quick & simple springtime decor. 
so. run. don't walk. to your local market to scoop up a few.

in keeping with the organic easter theme . . .
i pulled together a darling centerpiece of natural elements.
it will make the perfect piece at our easter dinner table. 

a twiggy nest with blue robins egg just screams springtime.

add some blooms & blueberries for extra pops of color. 

i found this lovely branch at beach papery & gifts.
i just had to have it. i think the colors are divine. 

the intertwined ivy was just the icing on the cake. 

i own this large driftwood bowl that i found to be just perfect for this centerpiece.
it is natural. it is organic. it is perfectly imperfect. 
but truly you could use just about anything to hold this piece together.
a silver platter. a wooden tray. a white dish.
anything that you have will really work.

the star of the show for this centerpiece is this adorably mossy little bunny.
i just think he is too cute for words.

sprinkle in a few neutral colored eggs 
& you have yourself a darling little easter vignette.

oh. and here is the best thing about using natural elements . . .

a little hunny bunny can sneak some little nibbles. 

what?! was i not supposed to eat the carrots?

but they are just so yummy . . .

& so fun to play with . . .

i'll even share with you. mama!

hope these springtime ideas have inspired you to create some of your own!
let me know if & how you use fresh carrots this season!

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