party pop.

looking for a quick & easy party treat?!
look no further. my friends. 
this is. hands down. one of the cutest little party snacks.
sweet. salty. adorable. goodness. 

hello. party popcorn!

how stinkin cute?!
i just love how playful & fun this treat is.
not to mention . . . it is a breeze to throw together. 

simply pop some of your fave popcorn.
i like to pop it the old fashioned way. in a pot. on the stove top.
but you can certainly use a microwave bag if you choose. 

then melt a bowl of white chocolate candies.
melting white chocolate chips is really challenging. 
so definitely use meltable candies as opposed to the traditional chips.
{i found mine at michaels}

after the popcorn is popped & your chocolate is melted.
simply mix the chocolate & pops in a big bowl. 
be gentle. you do not want to crush the little popcorns. 
i found it easiest {& messiest} to mix it up with my hands. 

then quickly shake in a ton of your sprinkles.
any choice. any color. any size. you fancy. 
give it one more good mixin & set it aside to harden.

there you have it. 
the most darling little party snack ever. 

 . . . and truly. these are even yummier than you would think.
the perfect mix of sweet. salty. crunch.
you will not be able to stop munchin on this stuff!

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