for the graduate.

it is graduation season. my friends. 
a reason for celebrations.
the ending of one life chapter. and the beginning of the next.

is it just me?
or is it impossibly hard to find the perfect graduation gift?
i always find it to be a challenge to find the 
absolute perfect present for this tremendous milestone.

it needs to be sentimental & reflective.
it needs to spark inspiration & lend a guiding hand. 
& to really make it a home run . . .
it needs to include a bit of moola for the graduate to spend.

well. look no further. my friends. 
in my own personal pursuit of nailing the perfect grad gift . . .
let me introduce the newest book to the block.

the hip hip hooray! it is your graduation day! scripture book. 

sentimental? check. reflective? check.
inspiring & full of guidance? check times two. 
a brilliant gift. for the brilliant braniac grad. 

a book full of scriptures to help guide the graduate in the next steps.
whether that be going off to college. or joining the real world.
is the absolute perfect gift to give. 

each scripture is personalized with their name in it. 
"for you know the plans you have for patrick . . ."
which makes this incredibly powerful.

and the best part is.
these books are made totally custom to the respective school of the graduate.

know a usf bull? 

how about a florida gator?

or a central florida knight?

any school can be represented. you simply tell us the school colors you desire.
if you prefer to have the graduates name or graduation date on the cross.
let your wish be my command. totally doable. 

we also have this generic graduation book.
i adore all the phrases on the cover  . . . and that bling. so cute!

oh. and what about that money that i mentioned earlier?
if you choose to give some moola to the graduate in addition to a scripture book . . .
we will attach a small kraft colored envelope on the back page.
the perfect size envelope for a gift card. check. or cash. 
totally optional. 

the countdown is on. so order your graduation book today.
it will be one book the graduate will be excited to read this summer.

browse through all our scripture book options here.

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