winter retreat.

i am dreaming of a winter getaway this morning. 
while the weather is a tad bit cooler here in our parts.
i catch myself longing for a true wintery. blustery. day.

you know.
the kind of day where you drink hot cocoa. & chili simmers on the stove.
you play games. like scrabble. and lounge by a crackling fire.
you steal kisses from your lovie & he steals your heart all over again.

so. in my cozy little home. we play make believe.
we cozy up on our overstuffed leather couch. snuggled up in a fur blanket.
still in our jam jams. cup of piping hot tea in hand.
cinnamon candle burning. andrea bocelli singing in the background.
and i imagine that i am tucked away in one of these little gems.

who wants to join us?
a couples winter wonderland retreat sounds divine.
a girl can daydream.

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