gift of thanks. no 2.

earlier this week i introduced a six part series.
if you missed it. you can find it here.
essentially. the series will provide six different ideas for 
gifts of thanks
that you can surprise your friends & family 
with over the thanksgiving season.

today i present you with 
gift of thanks no. 2

sharing the gift of a home-run. knocks your socks off. feast session.
in the true style of your very own family. 
in other words. 
what meal is your family go-to comfort meal? a special treat of a meal?
what makes your family really cherish a special dinner time?

for our little family.
it is definitely breakfast for dinner.
lovie loves pancakes. especially pumpkin spice pancakes. 
to him. well. to us. 
this is a super special family dinner. 
i guess you could say . . . we are thankful for pancakes.

and because we are thankful for pancakes.
we want to share the flap jack love with friends we are thankful for.

gift of thanks no. 2. is a tin of our fave pancake mix.

spiced pecan pumpkin pancake & waffle mix a la williams sonoma.
heaven in a tin. 

just a little tin.
with a little autumnal ribbon.

& a hand written little note. 

this makes for a sweet & very fulfilling gift of thanks. 

what meal is a special one for you & yours?!

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