stocking stuffers.

christmas is going to be upon us faster than you can say ho ho ho!
i mean. honestly. this blessed holiday is in just a few short weeks.
i don't know about you . . . 
but i have got to get going on my christmas shopping.
i tried to go yesterday. but quickly got distracted shopping for myself.
how terrible is that?! 
{terrible. but also quite fun}

i wanted to give you a little gift idea for all the lovies in your life.
your fam. your friends. your kiddos. your cousins.
your hair dressers. your daily barista. your nail techs.
your lawn man. your junior league committee. 
your kiddos teachers. your church preachers.
your bible study groups. your neighbors. 
your everyone & anyone.

this is the most perfect gift for all of them.
it is tough sometimes to find a meaningful & darling gift
while keeping the dollars down to a minimum . . .
and this is just that! 

for fifteen little bucks. 
you can wow your peeps with this great little gift.

mini scripture books.
perfect for stocking stuffers. present toppers. & gift exchanges.

i love that these little gifts are both beautiful
 & jam packed with the word of the Lord.
a true treasure. 

each book is 3 inches by 5 inches.
and they have 16 scriptures inside.
the scriptures are personalized for the recipient.
as an example . . .
thank you, God, for loving me so much that you gave your only son.
that if i believe. i will not perish. but i will have everlasting life.

all options are available on etsy.
place your order on there. or email me to place your order

15 dollars a piece. or buy five. get one free.

stock up now on these precious stocking stuffers.
they are flying off our shelves! 

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