giveaway: nordstrom gift card

alright my lovelies.
i will make this short & sweet.
it is c'est si bon's surprise giveaway day.
and this may or may not be the greatest giveaway yet.

if you are anything like me...
you live for the nordstrom anniversary sale.
it is like the best thing ever.
and it is going on right now! 

so to celebrate this special sale.
and to thank all of you wonderful readers.
one lucky follower will win a 100 dollar gift card to 
go on a shopping spree at nordys! 

to enter in this giveaway. simply follow these four steps.

like the c'est si bon facebook page

share this post on your facebook page

share this post on two friends facebook pages
{preferably friends who are not c'est si bon readers already}

and four.
leave a comment on this blog sharing 
what you will buy with your nordy's gift card. 

giveaway ends on wednesday. july 31st.
winner will be announced that night.

good luck. happy shopping. 
& most importantly thank you for being such loyal readers!


  1. Love! I've been meaning to hit up the Nordy's sale :) My friend works in the lingerie department so I think this gift card would definitely make it's way there...that is unless a pair of shoes catches my eye first!

    I've liked your page, shared it on my page and two other friends' pages :)

  2. Oh Fun!!! I Would Have To Say I Would Splurge On A Super Cute Maternity Outfit For My Besties Bridal Shower!

    One Step Down, Three To Go.

  3. As you know - your blog always brings a smile! Just love your personality and insights. And the Nordstrom sale...this girl is wanting some wellies. All this rain is making me want stylish hunter boots!! Shared one facebook and with two lovely friends who will be hooked just like me! xx

  4. Your blog is so adorable Kristen, I just had to participate! I am moving into a new apartment on Sunday so I would probably use a Nordys gift card to get some new housewares. Maybe new sheets or throw pilows. :) OR better yet a new outfit for a house warming party. Thanks for the awesome blog.


  5. 1,2,3 done and now 4:
    I absolutely love this blog!! I used to enjoy reading the posts about chic fashions, but now that it fills my screen with baby P pictures, C'est Magnifique!! If I won this giveaway I would go on little shopping spree for my nephew who is due in just 1 week!!! Maybe some Aden and Anais Swaddle wraps and of course Thomas would need his very first pair of Sperry boat shoes. :)
    -Casey Sturm

  6. I should win because i am your sister in law and i will buy something for Patch! BOOM! - Kristin Mills

  7. I would treat myself to a new pair of jeans and of course some treats for Sally Claire. If she comes soon I could take her for her first Nordstrom trip! - Ashley Nall

  8. Did steps 1,2,3 and 4. I can't leave a comment without mentioning how beautiful the hospital pictures are from the day your son was born.

    If I won the gift card I would definitely invest in a nice pair of jeans.

  9. I am dying to purchase the earrings and bangles on the second floor right by the entrance. I saw so many things when I was there last week, but didn't have the money. Winning this card would help look good at the wedding I was shopping for, I am a guest, but would perfect with my outfit.

  10. I would buy new boots

  11. done, done, done and done! I would have shared anyways because I want everyone to see those gorgeous birth photos one post back. I saw them right away when you posted them and they made me cry like a baby. Like sobbing/couldn't breathe at the end. Totally normal.

    OBVIOUSLY.. I'd have to buy baby boy clothes...maybe little sperrys...the miniaturized options overwhelm me.


  12. Ooh I'd love a new dress! I'm going on vacation next month and I'd love a new dress and some MAC lipstick from Nordstrom. Thanks so much!

    Amber H on Facebook

    shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

  13. Oh wow--love your blog....I think a new purse is calling my name:)


  14. I agree with all the statements above regarding previous blog. What a beautiful family!

    If I get to win, I will get a dress, going to a wedding next month.
    You are so generous, thank you!

  15. LOVE and shared with five Dallas friends and more to come! If I should be so lucky to win this card, it will go towards the Tory Burch Miller sandals I have been coveting! xoxo - Robin P

  16. OMG! I was at international the other day and saw the sale. I was drooling in the purse section but figured no reason to buy since I will be carrying around a diaper bag for a while. ;) Maybe o maybe if I had a gift card I could treat myself anyway! I hope little Patrick is doing wonderful. We really should do lunch one day so our babes can meet. Love your blog and pictures of your cute guy!

  17. purse! shoes! summer sundress! do I have to limit myself to one wishlist item?? :)

  18. Love your blog :). I think I need a new non-diaper bag!

  19. New Jeans for the Fall and maybe a purse... can you make it 500.00??? ;-) JK, of course! ha

  20. I am going to NYC for my 50th birthday and would love to buy a pair of boots! Love your blog and appreciate you sharing Patrick's entrance into the world.

  21. As if your blog couldn't be any more fabulous, you offer this lovely surprise for one of us gals! So sweet!

    While I live by my father's motto of "give more than you take" I must confess, that with my birthday in nine little days, I would treat me, myself, and I to this lovely prize. As we all know, there are soooo many gotta-have-its at Nordstrom. But I am down to my last squirt of Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom & Honey Cologne. It's the perfect summer scent for this Sommer gal =) xo!

  22. Completed all 4 steps! I would probably buy a dress for my brother's California wedding!

  23. I completed all 4 steps. I will probably buy something to wear to my brother's rehearsal dinner. :)
    Lynne Mikulec

  24. Will complete all 4 steps have commenting! :-)

    I have my bridal shower at the end of August and I would love to find a gorgeous white dress at Nordstrom's - I was actually searching via the other day and found a few options! With the wedding in November, a gift card to help purchase a dress that I'll remember *forever* through photos, would be an amazing treat. <3

    xo, Bekah

  25. Congratulations on your new baby boy, Kristen! I love all of your blogs/pictures/stories on motherhood :)

    If I were to win the Nordy's gift card, I would probably pick out a new cocktail dress for the numerous weddings I have coming up!


    Lauren Doxsey

  26. Love Nordies! If I win, I'll buy a birthday present for Larry :) Joanna Parkin

  27. With an August birthday and back to school shopping (teacher) I'm sure I could get a lot of use out of this! Thank you!

  28. Congrats on the your cute little bundle of joy. He is adorable.

    Well since we are buying our first house the end of the year. Starting today we have to start saving money so my shopping days are coming to an end.

    I would buy something for myself, shoes as I love shopping at Nordstroms, especially during there huge shoe sale and what ever is left over I would put towards my fiance a new pair (sandals).

  29. The most perfect cat eye Elizabeth and James sunnies, of course!

  30. Love. Love. Love this blog!

    I would Love to buy my granddaughter and grandson a pair of new cool shoes! They have a wonderful selection and are oh so different than most stores!

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