an organized closet.

in my humble opinion . . .
a well organized closet is a closet worth coveting.
it is just so refreshing to open the door to a well organized space.
whether it is a clothing closet. a cleaning supply closet. or a craft closet.
having a home for all your belongings just feels good.

that being said.
i am not the most organized girl on the block.
this wannabe closet snob is. in fact. 
a big ol' closet slob.
sure. i can keep a fantastically clean house to boot . . . 
but there is just no telling what is behind those closet doors.

i have decided that it is my goal to tackle one closet at a time.
making each one organized. systematic. & clutter free. 
as of now. i am one down. 7 to go.

allow me to show you exhibit a.
our organized laundry closet & household command station.

this little closet turned out so stinkin cute.
i just adore it.
plus it makes life so much easier.

all i did was make a list of my most used & most needed house supplies.
measured out the shelves. found baskets i loved.
printed cute little labels. tied a little ribbon on top.
hot glued the label to the baskets.
placed the baskets in their designated space.
and voila!

we buy our diaps in bulk. so this holds tons. that way we never run out.

i keep extra bibs. burp clothes. blankies. rattles. & what not here.

all laundry soaps & dryer sheets find a home in this little basket.

the perfect basket to hold all of our throw away pieces. 

i make sure that i have several different sizes of batteries.
you just never know when you will need some. 
same is true for lightbulbs.
i try to keep extras in the house all the time.

i have to admit. i am kind of a dish soap junkie.
i love trying new fancy dish soaps. 
my fave to date: the entire caldrea line.

this is where we keep all of our old grocery bags. so necessary.

these are just the baskets we chose to start with . . . i am sure we will add more.
 i just love having this central command station. i know exactly where to find things now.
all it takes a little bit of initial effort & then some easy maintenance.

now off to organize my clothes by color . . .


  1. Hi Kristen! Love the baskets! Where did you get them? Im in need of some MAJOR organization of (gulp) 4 closets!!! Linen closet, my closet, wrappingpaper/tissue/crafts/decor closet, luggage/stroller/babystuff closet!!!! AHHHH! And that doesn't even count my clothes closet which needs some help! thing that saved me with my clothes closet - these clear hard plastic shoeboxes that I ordered from The Container Store! You can put your shoes in them, see through the box so you know which pair is inside, and they stack!

  2. My favorite thing to do - organize! Such a good feeling. Good for you, I know you will enjoy it. It also makes putting stuff away easy. But, I did have to take my husband on a house tour once I was all done, so he'd know where to find stuff.

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