june eighth.

june eighth will forever be a most special day.
a miraculous. amazing. & wonderful day.
the day our sweet baby boy was welcomed to the world.
he took his first breath. cried his first cry. & felt his first hug.
the day my life was changed forever.  

lovie & i were beyond blessed to have our sweet friend & photographer
with us to capture every little moment of my labor & delivery.
to capture the excitement. the wonder. the anticipation. the impatience. 
the nerves. the pain. the affection. the joy. 
to capture the immeasurable love. 

please take a moment to enjoy the story of our june eighth.

best. day. ever.
love has been completely & utterly redefined
by my eight pound eleven ounce little bundle of joy.

now. now. now.
little miss leisa rice. 
you. my dear. are remarkable. 
you are impossibly talented. 
& you are an absolute gift from God for gifting us with these precious images.
words fail to express our gratitude. we love you so. 

i highly encourage anyone & everyone to call leisa for your photography needs.
she goes over & beyond to ensure that the very essence of emotion is captured.
plus. she is just a ball of fun to be around. 
trust me.
you will adore her. 

june eighth. 
you are my new favorite day.
& you always will be.


  1. Love, love, love. The emotion is captured perfectly. What a blessing.

  2. Great photos and emotion that she captured. My fiance and I love Leisa. She has captured so many great memories of us.
    I highly recommend her as well.
    You looked amazing in all these photos.

  3. I've gone through them 5 times and I cry every time.

  4. LOVE. I love this. How special that it was completely captured. The one where your dad is clapping and mom in the background is the absolute best. It brought happy tears!! So stinkin' cute! Hello Mr. Patrick! :)

  5. I cannot wait to be a Grandmother one day. Being a Mom is such a great reward but all I hear is that being a Grandmother is even more rewarding!
    Your family must be so happy to have those memories and to see Patrick grow.

  6. as a nurse and midwife with ~30 years of witnessing births....this is tasteful photography...I was captivated...well done!

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