on this day.
eight years ago.
i lost my little brother.

patrick emmett brett was 19 years old 
when he got to enter the pearly gates & sit at the feet of God.

it brings us tremendous joy that this year. on this very day. 
we have another patrick to celebrate.
our sweet & precious baby boy.
patrick emmett mills.
who was named in honor of my brother. 

many of you knew my brother patrick.
and many of you did not. 
if you did . . .
consider yourself blessed.
he was the kindest. friendliest. sweetest. 
wisest. most sincere. most generous of all gentlemen.

patrick was so ambitious. 
he wanted so badly to become the president of the united states.
no. really. that was his goal. & i really think he could have done it.

after he passed away. one of his teachers said
heaven must have needed a president.

our friends and family showed us tremendous love that week.
oddly enough. i look back on that tragic week with some sort of fondness.
it is amazing to see people come together and surround you with love.

my friends made us shirts to wear that read
patrick for president.
{it has become one of my fave bedtime shirts for the last 8 years}

now as only a dear friend would.
only someone who really knew how to tug on our heart strings could.
only a friend who carried me through that sad time would.
she made my day & warmed my heart with this gift  . . .

how stinkin cute & impossibly tender is that?!
patrick for president! 
one of the most thoughtful gifts i have ever received.
thank you, sweet friend of mine.

we love and miss you patrick emmett brett.
we just know that you are smiling down on us from up above.


  1. So very special that your sweet baby boy will carry on Patrick's name... someday you will be able to tell him about his amazing uncle. I'm thinking of you and your family and lifting all of you in prayer. What a beautiful reunion we will have someday with Patrick and Ross. Love you, Carmen

  2. Your son is beautiful - I think he looks like you. I am sure your brother is looking over his nephew and smiling. God Bless your family.

  3. Purple Flowers is correct, your son does look a lot like you!

    Such a heart rendering story of your brother. No doubt Uncle Patrick would be Baby Patrick's fav!

    Kristen you are in my prayers at this time.

  4. I had forgotten about those shirts....I remember how they tugged at my heart then...and now. Patrick surely watches you now with your beautiful family and smiles.
    "life is short...but sweet for certain" . J.Roach


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