my pumpkin prayer.

i have to admit. i am not a huge fan of halloween.
i simply do not like to be frightened. i rather enjoy happiness.

my lovie always laughs at me because we can only watch a very select few tv shows.
the bachelor {scary in a completely different way}
the food network {totally happy}. friends {so not scary}
& how i met your mother {only scary in that my lovie thinks he is barney!}

we have the same seven romantic comedies that we watch over & over again.
i am quite certain that lovie knows all the words to you've got mail  & it's complicated.
he is such a good man. god bless him.

it may seem silly. but to me it makes sense.
i only wish to fill my mind with things of joy, love, & purity.
just plain ol'. good. ol' fashioned happiness.

nevertheless. halloween is here.
and i am prepared to pass out candy to strangers wearing scary masks.
{i mean. honestly. how creepy is that?!}

in trying to find God in all of the halloween-ness.
i am reminded of the pumpkin parable.
& that has become my prayer for this halloween season.
{and really every other season. too}

a reminder that just like the farmer hand-picks his pumpkin . . .
God has hand-picked me.
even with all of my bumps & bruises.

& that His hands are always holding me. nurturing me as i grow.
He feeds me my daily bread. washes me with forgiveness. nourishes me completely.

& if i allow Him to pull out all of the yuck & the mess inside of me.
the seeds of bitterness. the seeds of fear. the seeds of jealousy. 
the yucky. messy. mushy. squishy. grossness of my sin.
the sin that i keep hidden deep inside.

& i look up to Him for restoration. redemption. holiness. 

He will then carve me into the holy woman that he intends me to be.
hopefully with more than two big square teeth & googly eyes
{there is that seed of vanity coming out}

He will put in me a light that will shine for all the world to see.
shining for His glory. for His goodness.
& His power to turn a yucky mess of a pumpkin woman 
into a holy & blameless child of God. 

now that is worth smiling about! 
happy halloweenie to all my fellow scaredy cats out there!

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