fruit cobbler decadence.

there are few things sweeter than a hot.out.of.the.oven cobbler.
the fruit. the gooey topping. the crispy crust.
it is practically heaven in every bite.
i am totally a second.helper.eater when it comes to cobblers.

traditionally. i enjoy baking a cobbler from scratch.
there is just something so rewarding about knowing the time. energy. & love
that goes into that deep dish of goodness.

but not today.
today is a day of the quick fix.
 piece of cake. cobbler.

you see. i had some inspiration.
i have several girlfriends who claim to not enjoy baking.
say what?
and they say it is because they do not like to measure.
i'm not going to name any names.
you can thank me later of mine.
but it is my mission to convince them to join our team.
our fantastic little team of sweet-toothed bakers. 

exhibit a. 
and a winning exhibit. at that . . .

the beauty of this recipe is that you can use any type of fruit.
everything is store bought. pre-made. ready to go.
so it literally takes minutes to throw it together.

this time i used strawberry pie filling.
some yellow cake mix.
& a few tablespoons of butter.
thats it.

i only wanted to make a few ramekins . . . 
as i would eat the entire pan if it were sitting in my kitchen.
and thats another bonus about this easy recipe.
 you do not have to use all of the cake mix at once.
i store my leftover mix in the fridge. for another day.

i poured the pie filling into each ramekin so that they were just over half full.
then i poured the cake mix on top. enough to cover the top completely.
{i really. really. reallllllly love the topping. so i do more than needed}
then i melted a tablespoon of butter for each ramekin.
i poured the butter on top of the cake mix.
i placed the ramekins on a cookie sheet. 
and baked them at 350 for about 20 minutes.
or until the tops are golden and bubbly.

these babies will be piping hot.
so allow time to let them cool before digging in.

oh. and if you really wanted to be indulgent.
drop a scoop of ice cream on top.
{no need to measure that either. hee hee.}

there you have it.
the easiest. yummiest. quickest.
no measuring. no fuss. no prep work.
fruit cobbler decadence.

p.s. my fave version of this uses apple pie filling. yellow cake mix. & salted butter.
try it. you will thank me one thousand times over. 

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